B2B SEO Copywriting Certificate

Over 69% percent of B2B marketers don’t have time to produce SEO content

Now you can help – and tap into this 55 million dollar industry

B2B SEO copywriting is different.

Traditional keyphrase research techniques aren’t as effective. Developing social B2B messaging can be tricky. Plus, you need to track and measure those results and prove your content is actually working.

Companies are looking for writers who have specialized knowledge in B2B copywriting. This specialized knowledge can make the difference between a high converting landing page – and one that clunks with customers

As 72 percent of business buyers start with a Google search, having a top position – and a clickable search result – is crucial to a company’s success.

The B2B SEO Copywriting Certificate is a 8-class online format that deep dives into proven SEO content techniques. Classes are available 24/7, so you can review them at your convenience. After listening to the modules, you’ll be able to test your skills with self-directed homework and quizzes.

Whether you’re working in-house or freelancing, you need to know the secrets of successful B2B content writing. Don’t wait – update your skills today!

This Certificate course can be an add-on to the SEO Copywriting Certification training, or taken by itself.

Classes include:

  • Advanced keyphrase research: Bruce Clay
  • Building reputation and traffic through world class content marketing: Eric Enge
  • Analytics for B2B companies: Ed Reese
  • B2B social success strategies: Jennifer Horowitz
  • How to Turn Your B2B Blog From Dull to Dazzling: Shelly Kramer
  • Landing page optimization for B2B companies: Graeme McLaughlin
  • Guiding a Successful In-House Copywriting Strategy: Pam Foster

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