SEO Content Review

Get a quick, powerful overview of your SEO content opportunities and problems

Are you afraid that you aren’t using the right keyphrases the right way? Is your sales copy not converting and you don’t know why?

In my 14-year SEO copywriting career, I’ve learned that small changes (like changing your Title tags) can have a huge impact. Let me show you things you can do that will have an immediate, bottom-line impact on your rankings, social shares and conversions.

Your SEO Content Review includes an interactive, 45-minute online consultation with me (Heather Lloyd-Martin.) You’ll learn what’s working, what’s not, and what you need to do – right now. The video will be recorded, so you can easily share the findings with your team.

We’ll discuss:

  • If your content is connecting with your readers, or falling flat.
  • Ways your sales pages can make your company more money.
  • How to intelligently use keyphrases throughout your content
  • If your content is skirting a spam penalty – and things you can do to fix it.

Order your SEO Content Review today – just $675!