SEO Copywriting Certification Testimonials

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“Heather’s SEO Copywriting Certification Training includes monthly scheduled webinars, frequent video releases and a blog that is one of the best SEO copywriting references around. After reviewing the course for over a year, SeoPros and OSEOP is pleased to endorse the SEO Copywriting Certification training.” Endorsement

The program has been very educational and enjoyable as the self-paced learning is perfect for my busy life. Lastly, I’m getting a bonus that I didn’t anticipate; this course has really got me excited about writing again! – Read the entire review here.

Ken HorstTop Rank Marketing

“As a newbie to SEO copywriting, this course was exactly what I needed to get my feet off the ground. I have been taking direct marketing copywriting courses to compliment my extensive research, writing, and presentation background. I am also a licensed Realtor in Texas and have been trying to build my small copywriting business. Since enrolling in the SEO program, the president/COO of the corporation took notice of my ambitions and has asked me to do the keyphrase research and writing for our new website, which will be announced and launched this summer.

This is a huge step for me as the brokerage I work for is the 6th largest real estate brokerage in the United States and serves Texas, Florida, Alabama, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

This course taught me a vast amount, built my confidence, and has helped me identify the areas that I need to gain more education.”

Cheryl Olmstead

“Hi Heather,
I just landed my first SEO Copywriting contract! I’ve been copywriting for years, but I got this contract to do the SEO copywriting, so I’m delighted! I also have several other strong possibilities in the pipeline. SEO is definitely opening up opportunities because I can now offer my clients so much more value.

Thanks again! This is an amazing opportunity that I would not have if I hadn’t found you!”

“Heather’s SEO Copywriting course is the best. I found it enjoyable and easy to use, because Heather’s friendly tone and clear explanations make it a breeze to understand. Heather is the only one I know who can take a complicated subject like SEO and make you want to read more!

Even more important, the course works! Using what I learned, I am now on page 1 of Google for my two main keyphrases! Before this, I was always out in Siberia, buried on page 99 or worse.

Anyone looking for an SEO Copywriting course, this is the one to take. Plus it’s the only one offering certification – a huge bonus. Thanks Heather!”

Lynda Goldman

“Heather is an excellent educator with a passion for all things SEO. Her stellar SEO copywriting course strategically guides you through the entire writing process from keyword analysis to editing your final draft. Heather is an amazing mentor, always available for questions and offering great advice.I highly recommend this course for copywriters making the leap into the expanding SEM field.”

Heather GeorgoudiouCopywriter, Revenue Performance Inc.

“Working with Heather and the SEO copywriting team at SuccessWorks has been a pleasure! The team consistently produced outstanding content for our site that was well-optimized for search engine visibility. Her team’s expertise and organization were highly admired. Any time we had an urgent request or copy concern, the team was happy to oblige. If you are in need of a professional writing service that is easy to work with and can deliver SEO-friendly content in a timely manner, I would highly recommend SuccessWorks to do the job!”

Ana Taney FYI Direct

“I knew Heather’s SEO Copywriting program would be high quality, after all she is one of the pillars in the SEO community and always over delivers on her promises. Plus, the fact this is the 2.0 version of her course. How could it not be a great learning experience? My concern was would I have the time to start and finish it? It’s a 3 month 8 module course and with everything else going on in my life could I actually take this on too? Well, I dove in and am so glad that I did. Like with everything else she does, Heather makes the course fun. Her energy and spirit really come through in the sessions. She brings SEO copywriting to life and the course just flew by! Even if you are a veteran SEO copywriter, I bet there are still some tips that are well worth the investment in the program — at least there were for me. I immediately put some of them to use with my existing clients and got results. Oh, and after you are certified, you get to use a very cool certification logo on your website and marketing materials that differentiates you from all the self-proclaimed SEO copywriting “experts” out there.”

Art RemnetPrincipal,

“The SEO Copywriting Certification program has given me an added perspective and dimension to SEO and is a great course to go through for anyone interested in doing SEO. Content, is after all, king and getting the fundamentals right is key, but why learn SEO the boring way when you can choose to do this? The materials in this course are easy to understand, interesting, fun and thoroughly enjoyable to go through.”

Esther Yeap

“The SEO Copywriting Certificate program is the glue between words and technology. After taking this course, I have a solid understanding how to write web content that speaks to people’s searching styles and is robot-reader friendly. The practical information and hands-on exercises anchored my learning experience and have given me the confidence to tackle any web content project with ease.”

Lawrenn Ryon

“This SEO Certification Program is a tremendous opportunity for all copywriters. It’s like getting a masters degree in how to build your internet business into a profitable money making machine or provide client services to increase their revenue and profitability.”

Abdul Shadid Muhammad

“The SEO Copywriting Certification program is an effective and credible way to show my clients that I can make their web copy work harder for them. By investing in Heather’s course, I’ve also invested in the future of my business and in the quality of service I can offer my clients. And even better, I’ve really enjoyed the learning process and had great fun along the way! I would recommend the SEO Copywriting Certification program to anyone who wants to know how to write better copy that achieves real results, for themselves and their clients.”

Hannah Marcheselli

“Heather’s course helped me take my copywriting to the next level. After taking her course, I have found a better balance of writing not only to make the search engines happy, but also to get conversions from potential customers. Some of the tips I learned were simple, but extremely powerful. I almost feel silly for not thinking of them myself, but then again, that’s make makes Heather the expert. Whether you are an SEO copywriter looking to tweak your skills or a small business looking to overhaul your website on your own, I HIGHLY recommend Heather’s certificate program.”

Amy Teeple

“I decided to join the Success Works certification program after researching a lot of different options. It turned out to be a incredibly wise choice — Heather’s program strikes just the right pace and level of detail for a writer looking to develop strong SEO copywriting skills. Best of all, Heather gives you personalized attention through her conference calls and emails (she responds thoughtfully and insightfully to all inquiries!). Her dedication to helping students succeed on its own is worth the price of the entire program.”

Heather Mueller

“The SEO Certification program is terrific for new and experienced SEO copywriters because it goes over every single strategy and “˜SEO how-to’ you’ll need to do a great job for your clients”¦ and even your own website. Heather’s explanations are clear, relevant and highly applicable to today’s web projects. Plus she’s upbeat and fun to follow. I’ll be extremely proud to add the SEO certification badge to my website and other sales materials for my business. It’s the “˜Good Housekeeping Seal’ for ethical SEO that works.”

Pam FosterContentClear Marketing

“Heather’s SEO Copywriting Certification Program was highly instructive, well organized, and I predict is certain to be effective in helping me attract more visitors and convert more visitors into customers on websites I optimize. Thank You, Heather! ”

Jeff ZadzilkaB2B Copywriter

“I’ve read a number of books on SEO/SEO Copywriting – The SEO Copywriting Certification program put it all together… with a stamp of approval!”

Noel Gama

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“My name is Dan Walton. I’m one of the co-owners of Studio Blue, a Pilates studio located in the pearl district of Portland, Oregon. If you’ve ever been to Portland, you’ll soon realize that the market is saturated with Pilates studios. Especially in the Pearl district and in the northwest area of the city. We needed to do something to increase the number of clients walking through the door, and we needed to do it quickly. We were going to pay a firm over $5,000 to help us. Then, I met with Heather and she taught me how to write Web pages and research keyphrases for under $600. Within a matter of weeks I saw my client base increase by 20%! In a world of Portland Pilates, Heather has managed to get us to the top of all related Pilates searches. Heather is amazing at what she does. I’m forever grateful.”

Dan WaltonStudio Blue Pilates

“Heather Lloyd-Martin’s SEO Copywriting Certification Course has proven to be a game-changing investment in my freelance copywriting career. With Heather’s expertise and skilled guidance, I now have the confidence and courage to call myself a great SEO copywriter, and claim it as my own distinguishing credential! As the acclaimed authority of all things SEO, Heather walks you through the whole SEO world, from her broad, real-life perspective and experience as the widely-recognized pioneer of SEO copywriting, to the down-and-dirty, devilish details of producing solid SEO content. Heather’s expertise and authority is only exceeded by her passion and commitment to her students, as she readily avails herself as a confidante, advisor, and truly invested teacher. Heather’s SEO Copywriting Certification Course is a truly life-altering program, one that has advanced my freelance copywriting career by a quantum leap, onto the next level! My deep gratitude to you, Heather!!”

Laura Crest

“This course is a blessing. It’s a good chance to learn a marketable skill at a reasonable price, versus going to college. I love that you can study at your own pace. And best, I love how Heather is more than willing to help you throughout the course. She’s always quick to answer your questions, and she never hesitates to help you. Knowledge should be her middle name . . . Heather knows a lot about SEO! Anyone who studies her course will surely know just as much too. This is the best amount of money I’ve spent in a long time!”

Pamela Jones

“I feel much more confident about my copywriting abilities for SEO now that I’ve completed the course. I was very surprised with the prompt responses I received anytime I emailed a question. The answers were well thought out and were obviously not canned responses as they were specific to the situations I had asked about. Good to know that when you take a chance purchasing a course online that there are real, qualified and accessible people backing it up.”

Erin Donnan

“Absolutely everything you need to know about SEO copywriting is in Heather’s course! Expertly written, so YOU will be the expert when you finish!”

Alice Seidel

“Heather’s SEO Copywriting Certification program is a fantastic investment in your online marketing skills. It goes much deeper than your basic SEO instruction, giving you the behind-the-scenes requirements for any SEO copywriting project. I highly recommend it!”

Kathryn Aragon

“Knowing where to start! Starting a project without having a clear understanding of how SEO works is like hiking up a mountain without a map. I have used Heather’s lessons and class modules as my map, making the entire process much less overwhelming.”

Marissa Bishop

“I thought I had a reasonable grasp on SEO, and then I took Heathers SEO Copywriting Certification program. I learnt a heck of a lot and now putting my newfound knowledge into practice. To benefit their trade, all writers should take this program. Thanks Heather for making this program available.”

Peter Safe

“I am a marketing communications professional looking to freelance after taking time out to have children. I followed the advice given on this course and managed to bag myself two clients. So I am delighted to say that the course paid for itself. Thank you very much! ”

Claire Hawes

“After completing the SEO Copywriting Certification program I feel MUCH more comfortable writing content and selling myself as a true SEO professional. Prior to the class, I had read many articles and books on the subject, so I wasn’t sure I would get much out of it. However, I am please to report that the courses really help to put it all together and clear up some of the grey areas I had. Thanks Heather!”

Sarah Johnson

“The SEO Copywriting certificate course opened my eyes to the nitty gritty of SEO copywriting. Although I’d been doing content writing using keywords for several years, the course offered more in depth insights and processes into choosing the right keywords and using them in a site as a whole. It’s helped me be able to deliver better quality work and more extensive services to my customers. In short, it was just the thing I needed to revamp and improve my career.”

Courtney RamirezSEO Copywriter and Ghostwriter

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