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Drive more traffic. Boost your sales. Get better search engine rankings. All this for less than $3/day.

If you require a professional Certification in SEO copywriting, please learn more about the specialized SEO Copywriting Certification training.

“I want to learn how to drive more Web traffic to my site and spend less on PPC advertising. I need more than an ebook – I’d really like to be able to talk to someone and ask questions.”

How would your business change if you were suddenly in Google’s top-10 results?

Want to explode your Website traffic and start making more sales? You may have heard that SEO copywriting – a special online writing technique also called “writing for search engines” or “writing with key words” is the secret to getting better rankings. In the past, you may have thought that it was “too technical” to learn and outsourced your SEO copy – but now, that’s not in the budget. You may have tried to write pages before, but you had no idea if you were doing it right. Or, you figure that you’ll learn SEO “later” – when you have time.

Tired of missing out on search engine traffic? Don’t give up until you read this!

My name is Heather Lloyd-Martin. Over 12 years ago, I was the first person to blend online direct response copywriting principles with what the search engines needed to “see” for top search engine positions. Today, that special style of writing is called “SEO copywriting” (otherwise known as “search engine writing.”) I’ve seen clients go from nowhere in the search engines to getting top 10 results – just by learning my SEO copywriting course secrets. And I can teach you, too!

Think that you can’t write SEO copy? Think again!

I’ve trained many business professionals just like you. People who’ve thought that online SEO copywriting was “too techie” to learn, or they “didn’t have time.” Not only have they seen exploding online sales after the training, but they’ve made thousands of dollars – some, many times over – just by learning how to write for search engines.

“My name is Dan Walton. I’m one of the co-owners of Studio Blue, a Pilates studio located in the Pearl District of Portland, Oregon. If you’ve ever been to Portland, you’ll soon realize that the market is saturated with Pilates studios. Especially in the Pearl district and in the northwest area of the city.

We needed to do something to increase the number of clients walking through the door, and we needed to do it quickly. We were going to pay a firm over $5,000 to help us. Then, I met with Heather and she taught me how to write Web pages and research keyphrases . Within a matter of weeks I saw my client base increase by 20%! In a world of Portland Pilates, Heather has managed to get us to the top of all related Pilates searches.

Heather is amazing at what she does. I’m forever grateful. — Dan Walton, Studio Blue Pilates

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(Are you a writer and want to showcase your proficiency in SEO copywriting? The SEO Copywriting Certification training is for you – check it out now.)

Imagine how confident you’d feel if you could ask questions and get real-time advice!

It’s hard to learn SEO by just reading a book – you’ll learn much, much faster if you can ask questions. That’s why your SEO copywriting course subscription includes exclusive access to group conference calls. Twice a month, I’ll answer your questions in real-time, tell you about the latest search engine changes, guide your progress and be with you every step of the way. Plus, you have 24/7 access to the training forums – another great place you can get feedback. It’s the personalized help you need for a price you can afford.

Heather gives you personalized attention through her conference calls and emails (she responds thoughtfully and insightfully to all inquiries!). Her dedication to helping students succeed on its own is worth the price of the entire program. Her dedication to helping students succeed on its own is worth the price of the entire program. — Heather Mueller

Just a few tweaks is all it takes to get better search engine rankings!

Just imagine how good it would feel to…

  • Drive more traffic to your site than you ever dreamed possible – and turn your clients into evangelists for your company!
  • Save money on PPC advertising because your search engine listings are so sizzling hot!
  • Make more money on your average Web transactions by learning how to write to sell!

You can! Just look at everything you’ll learn in the SEO copywriting training course:

  • How to uncover hidden company strengths you can weave into your content (Chapter 1)
  • How to uncover hard-hitting benefit statements that will make your clients more money (Chapter 2)
  • Proven way to increase sales by changing how you write. (Chapter 2)
  • Easy ways to find the right keyphrases that will drive massive Web traffic. (Chapter 3)
  • How to gain top rankings for scads of keyphrases using simple strategies (Chapter 4)
  • Easy ways to “tweak” existing Web content to propel it to the top of the search engine charts (Chapter 5)
  • The secret to creating sizzling Titles that scream “click me” from the search engine results page (Chapter 6)
  • Learn how articles, blog posts and press releases can drive sales (Chapter 7)
  • Simple ways to drive even more traffic to your site by uncovering new content opportunities (Chapter 7)
  • Ways to measure your success using Google’s free tools (Chapter 8 )

Learn all of my SEO copywriting secrets – for less than $3 a day!

I’ve outlined all my secrets – the secrets that took me over 12 years to learn – in my subscription-based SEO copywriting classes. For less than $3 a day ($89/month), you’ll gain access to the latest online writing information that will help your site make more money. The training course is constantly updated – so if Google has an algorithmic change, or Bing offers new opportunities – you’ll know immediately. You’ll have the peace-of-mind knowing that you’re learning the latest, most accurate information.

After your first month’s payment, you can even cancel at any time – or keep your subscription open so you can keep up-to-date on the latest techniques. This is the same training my professional SEO Copywriting Certification students take – for a fraction of the cost.

No other SEO copywriting training class gives you so much for a low monthly cost. But if you’re still not sure, contact me and let me know what questions you have. I’ll personally answer your email and do everything I can to help.

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P.S. – At $3/day for in-depth online writing help – plus getting your questions answered during conference calls – the decision is a no-brainer. Start transforming your search engine rankings and drive even more traffic to your site – I’ll be with you every step of the way!