Search marketing case study: B2B

heavy equipment catalog company
finds SEO success!

SEO case study summary:

  • Company was facing poor rankings due to unethical SEO advice by another firm.
  • Company’s goal was to recover immediate rankings on Google
  • Company created new content and Titles to reflect searcher behavior and to gain positioning
  • Page now has top-10 positions for six different, highly relevant keyterms.
  • Due to the success of its search marketing campaign, the company has decreased the number of print catalogs from 500,000 per year to 150,000 per year and is using that budget to fund additional SEO efforts.

Searching for Google success

This heavy equipment distribution client has over 650 Web pages that were not positioning well in Google or the other spidering search engines. The company’s annual distribution of print catalogs was 500,000 print per year and their site was generating approximately 80-100 web leads per month.

When this company contracted with SuccessWorks, their first objective was to recover lost rankings that plummeted during previous SEO consulting. Furthermore, their goal was to establish immediate rankings in Google.

Cleaning up old SEO spam

Previous search marketing consulting had not been achieving long-term, measurable results. It was theorized that positions dropped as previous SEO firms recommended “borderline” SEO techniques that could be construed as spam. As an example, other SEO companies advised that the client buy multiple domains and build out multiple sites, which is considered a questionable SEO process and can actually get a side downgraded in the engines.

SEO’s position within the total marketing scheme

Currently this company uses many different marketing strategies including print catalog, trade shows and trade magazine ads as well as search marketing. The impact of search marketing has been such a positive one, they are slowly inching away from their printed catalogue and putting more money into search.

Measureable results with search marketing

As a measurable increase, they decreased their number of printed catalogs from 500,000 to 150,000. Also, their web leads per week have gone from the previous 80-100 to 350-400 per month. With trusted feed (a method that larger sites can feed their content directly to the engines on a per-click basis,) this company saw immediate results.

Search engine marketing and future business goals

As they stand now, their goals for 2004 are to have 10,000 pages indexed in Google (from 650 current amount) which is a matter of internal progress that still needs to be made as opposed to search consultation issues.


With SuccessWorks, this company has learned effective and manageable ways to regain and maintain rankings in Google. With their increase in web leads  going from 80-100 to an impressive 350-400 per month they have a lessening need for print catalogs. They are now able to put more of their marketing budget into proven successful search optimization strategies. The marketing head for this company maintains, “It doesn’t have to be trial and error. It should and can be trial and success.”