Search marketing case study: Monheit Law Finds SEO Success with SuccessWorks Search Marketing

With SuccessWorks, Monheit Law:

  • Developed a clear online marketing plan for their website to achieve better rankings and conversions
  • Saw increases in qualified site traffic through drastically improved keyphrase rankings
  • Decreased spending on Pay-Per-Click advertising by 50%, as free organic/natural results replaced this need

Creating a Clear SEO Road Map

For many companies, implementing a search engine marketing campaign can be a daunting task, as was the case for Monheit Law operating out of Rydal, Pennsylvania. Before engaging SuccessWorks, Michael Monheit, Managing Attorney, stated that his “biggest challenge was narrowing down the many moving [SEO] parts into a few that could be monitored and managed.” Monheit was having difficulty determining where efforts should be focused to provide the best results, lacking the proper SEO knowledge to successfully organize and execute a web-marketing plan. SuccessWorks, Inc. was able to help Monheit pinpoint where changes needed to be made, prioritizing the steps necessary to achieve consistent rankings and conversions.

Visibility Increases Dramatically

  • Why is “visibility” important in a search campaign?

Determining visibility (how many pages of your site the major search engines have indexed) is the first step in a successful SEO campaign. If a search engine hasn’t indexed some of your pages, it means those pages will not come up on a search and your customers simply won’t be able to find your site. Better visibility can enable a company to gain more qualified leads and revenue from their website, and this highly desired visibility starts with well-positioned keywords.

  • What did SuccessWorks do to improve Mohnheit’s visibility?

SuccessWorks’ work with Monheit included writing pages based on SEO copywriting best practices, focusing on Monheit Law’s main keywords. SuccessWorks also changed Monheit’s page titles for higher click-throughs off the search engine results page and higher positioning. Since using SuccessWorks’ SEO techniques, 100 of Monheit Law’s keywords have increased in position. Most were ranked at below #30 and have climbed all the way up to a #10 position or better. Many keywords are even in the top five and some are currently at number one.

  • How else did improved keyword rankings impact Monheit’s site?

As an added result, the month immediately following SuccessWorks’ initial SEO services, Monheit’s site saw a 197% jump in visitors (as opposed to the previous month’s increase, before SuccessWorks, of 69%). Monheit’s number of visitors continued to grow throughout 2003 and, in May of 2004, Monheit Law’s website saw 26,369 visitors on its site, an increase of more than 15 times the number of visitors it had before using SuccessWorks.

Michael Monheit, Managing Attorney for Monheit Law, says: “The SEO copywriting and consulting services provided by SuccessWorks helped me gain top positions for very competitive keyterms. The writing was excellent and, as a result, I corresponded with clients who really needed my help. I definitely saw higher search positions and conversions and I would highly recommend SuccessWorks.”

Adjusting the Total Marketing Mix

Implementation of SEO will, in most cases, alter a company’s total marketing mix because organic SEO allows some companies to decrease their PPC spending. That is, they have all the branding without the per-click charge. Since working with SuccessWorks Inc., Monheit Law has been able to substantially limit their Pay-Per-Click advertising, cutting spending by 50%. With high organic rankings, there is a less of a need to pay for this advertising.


With a clear and focused Search Marketing plan, Monheit Law has enjoyed dramatic increases in their website traffic. From January of 2003 to May of 2004, their visitors have gone from 1,621 up to 26,369, thanks to those coveted excellent keyword rankings. Now, with these fantastic organic results, as competitors increasingly spend more for Pay-Per-Click advertising, Monheit has simultaneously reduced this cost, now spending a mere 10% of what those competitors pay, simply by relying on SEO copywriting techniques. By correctly managing their website with the tools SuccessWorks gave them, Monheit Law’s measurable results are not only detectable, they are profitable.

“Heather has always impressed me with her marketing know-how and rational approach to things. She is also a brilliant speaker, and I recommend you catch her at an industry conference if you get the chance. It’s her creative thinking and copy writing abilities that make her an outstanding business partner and search marketing vendor. The thing I recall most about Heather is that she can move quick, and she can instantly think of great ideas for whatever she’s involved with. For example, she developed HTML language skills and immediately applied them for use with Google in the form of controlling their snippet technology. That moment has lasted for years. That idea is completely relevant today. People only now in 2008-2009 imitate what Heather originated back in 2002. Heather can give you that leading-edge thinking.”

Disa JohnsonTechnologist, SearchReturn

“We have re-written most of our current pages. We did a 2nd rewrite this year (tweak) and will relaunch our site in August with copy and design changes. In a year’s time, through our first re-write we increased organic search from 6% of all visits, to 27% of all visits. This is according to Google analytics. The in-house training class with you really paid off.”

Mary StraussVP Marketing, Mainline Information Systems

“We recently hired Heather Lloyd-Martin of SuccessWorks to help optimize our Press Releases. Heather was extremely professional, energetic and eager to learn about our company. She was patient and took the time meet with key individuals in the company and to ask the right questions to help get results. The first release she wrote for us yielded 200% better results than our previous releases! We look forward to optimizing all of our future release with the help of Success Works!”

Cheryl MuellerDirector of Operations, USADATA, Inc - Sales Leads on Demand

“The training that Success Works provided was excellent. SEO is critical in our industry and our challenge was to be able to pass on this information effectively to our clients. Heather was very effective in her review of our needs and objectives. Each session was carefully planned, organized and executed with key takeaways. As a result, with the knowledge we gained, we have been able to provide a higher degree of service to our clients. I would highly recommend Heather for your SEO training needs.”

Stewart WrightProduct Manager, LifeLearn Inc.

“I wanted to thank your team at SEO Copywriting and in particular Amy for the wonderful job she did with the copy rewrite for our site I think the site reads 100 times better and is already converting new subscribers. Everyone was so easy to work with, responsive and pleasant; it made what seemed to be a challenging project, nothing more than a delightful walk in the park.”

Don Miller, Jr.Owner, MDAuctions

“If you’re looking for smart, enthusiastic and creatively talented in the copywriting and content strategy business, then look no further than Heather Lloyd-Martin. Whether she’s programming events for the national DMA or educating a huge crowd at a search engine marketing conference, Heather “tells it like it is” and I highly recommend her for consulting and public speaking.”

Lee OddenCEO, TopRank Online Marketing

“Heather and her team at SuccessWorks have been instrumental in helping our company develop SEO copy for our new website as well as several of our marketing collateral pieces. They are so easy to work with from start to finish and really took the time to understand our company and products. The result was effective copy that both conveyed the key information we needed to share with our customers in a voice that represented Wolfe. Heather has also been an amazing resource when it comes to SEO tips and best practices and she is always offering up great ideas to help us promote our company and improve SEO. We will definitely be using SuccessWorks for future projects.”

Terry RendallInternet Marketing Director, Wolfe Internet Services

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Heather Lloyd-Martin—as both a presenter and a teacher. Heather is outstanding on all levels. She’s passionate, dynamic, and knowledgeable beyond words.”

Julie OblanderOnline Education Manager, F+W Media/Writer’s Digest

“Thank you, again, for talking to me yesterday. For the first time in months, I actually feel re-energized and hopeful about the direction of my business. You really cleared up a lot of the “head trash” and questions I had about where I was going. I am still processing our conversation (and reviewing my notes), but I am feeling pretty darn good! Thanks!”

Tess WittlerPresident, Tess Wittler Copywriting

“I engaged Heather and her team to write SEO friendly copy for 100+ pages on my directory website. After a few months, my sales reps started noticing higher search ranking for many of these pages. The higher rankings have made it easier for the reps to sell advertising and generate revenue for the website. I highly recommend Heather and her team.”

Ron SpinnerPublisher

“DEMCO has recently launched multiple product landing pages. I believe a large part of the success of these pages (an average of 27% lift!) was due to the work and advice from Heather Lloyd-Martin and her company, SuccessWorks. Heather was very friendly, knowledgeable and easy to work with, and helped keep our project on track. The training that we did as part of our engagement was very useful, and we are starting to write some of our own SEO copy now. I highly recommend Heather and her company for the success of your own web site!”

Pete WilliamsMedia Service Manager, DEMCO

“Working with Heather and the SEO copywriting team at SuccessWorks has been a pleasure! The team consistently produced outstanding content for our site that was well-optimized for search engine visibility. Her team’s expertise and organization were highly admired. Any time we had an urgent request or copy concern, the team was happy to oblige. If you are in need of a professional writing service that is easy to work with and can deliver SEO-friendly content in a timely manner, I would highly recommend SuccessWorks to do the job!”

Ana TaneySEO and Social Media Manager, FYI Direct

“There are many people who do speaking and training on search marketing, but Heather is one of the best. Her clear speaking style, with an emphasis on both what’s effective and what’s realistic in a business situation, is what differentiates her from the techno-speak that you usually get. On top of Heather’s experience and knowledge of search marketing and copywriting, she is a consummate professional who can be depended on to complete any engagement she takes on to your satisfaction. Plus, she’s fun, which is even better. I’ve worked with Heather on several speaking engagements, and would jump to do so again. Don’t miss your chance to work with her.”

Mike MoranDistinguished Engineer and Manager of, Web Experience IBM

“Heather helped us capture and articulate for our website the essence and dynamics of Ambit Electronics. Her enthusiasm and effervescent personality came through in the presentation of our website. Heather’s expertise in SEO writing has been an immeasurable help to us, in driving business to our website. I highly recommend Heather and her Team.”

Daniel OkolikaPresident, Ambit Electronics

“Thank you very much for your help with my website! I’m really pleased with how it looks and my search rankings are fantastic. You were great to work with and I’ll be sending several people your way that have been considering making their own sites.”

Benjamin D. KozowerMD Assistant Professor of Surgery, University of Virginia

“Thanks so much for your jam-packed SEO copywriting course. As you might have seen in the comments, people wished that it had been twice as long and I don’t blame them. You mix tons of practical advice with an enthusiastic and charming presentation style and I was very glad that you agreed to contribute to our course.”

Matthew T. GrantManaging Editor, MarketingProfs

“It was my pleasure to work with Heather on numerous Direct Marketing Association Conferences. Heather is undoubtedly an expert in the area of Search Engine Marketing. For several years Heather has been a major contributor of her time and expertise to the DM Days New York and DMA annual conferences. Heather has pioneered the Search Engine Labs at these events which have proven to be an invaluable segment. Heather’s great personality and her ability to keep her audience engaged and informed with real world techniques make her an excellent addition to any event. I highly recommend Heather as a speaker.”

Sherry RobinsonProject Associate / Events Coordinator, Direct Marketing Association

“If you want to learn what really works in today’s search engine optimization world, look no further than Heather Lloyd-Martin of Success Works. Whether you are a business looking for a fantastic speaker, or a writer trying to learn SEO, Heather gives you the important information necessary to help skyrocket your Website to the top of the search engines. With Heather’s bubbly personality and extensive experience, you’ll have fun learning the science of SEO and increase your customer base fast.”

Melanie RembrandtCEO, Rembrandt Communications

“Heather is a thought leader in the copywriting field. The way she teaches expands far beyond just how to write good copy, but into how to develop a solid content marketing plan for your business. Anyone who is serious about becoming a copywriter or marketing their content online needs to hear what she has to say. Heather and I have worked together on numerous occasions with multiple clients and the strategy and expertise she brings to the table is invaluable.”

Kenny HyderFounder, Rockstar Consultants

“Heather is a dynamic speaker and a seasoned educational professional. I have worked directly with Heather at many Interactive Marketing events where she participates on expert panels and leads interactive training sessions. She is professional, enthusiastic, helpful and extremely knowledgeable.”

Patricia HurshFounder, SmartSearch Marketing

“Heather is one of the best speakers I have ever come across. Her enthusiasm for copy-writing for the web knows no bounds. She both enthralls and educates the audience. Working with her is a dream as she brings both humour and knowledge to the project she is engaged on.”

David TurnerDirector of European Operations, Position Technologies

“Simply put Heather rocks! She is brilliant, fun, creative and she knows her stuff. She did consulting/training with my staff and was not only a joy to work with, she was full of knowledge. Well worth every penny. She also edited writing by some of my staff back in the day. I whole-heartedly recommend Heather as a trainer and as a writer.”

Jennifer HorowitzDirector of Marketing,, LLC

“Heather has looked over some content for me and done her thing to it which turned it from ok content to awesome conversion compelling content…that is what we are all after anyway, right? Thanks Heather!”

Sam Snowdon III