Search marketing case study: Monheit Law Finds SEO Success with SuccessWorks Search Marketing

With SuccessWorks, Monheit Law:

  • Developed a clear online marketing plan for their website to achieve better rankings and conversions
  • Saw increases in qualified site traffic through drastically improved keyphrase rankings
  • Decreased spending on Pay-Per-Click advertising by 50%, as free organic/natural results replaced this need

Creating a Clear SEO Road Map

For many companies, implementing a search engine marketing campaign can be a daunting task, as was the case for Monheit Law operating out of Rydal, Pennsylvania. Before engaging SuccessWorks, Michael Monheit, Managing Attorney, stated that his “biggest challenge was narrowing down the many moving [SEO] parts into a few that could be monitored and managed.” Monheit was having difficulty determining where efforts should be focused to provide the best results, lacking the proper SEO knowledge to successfully organize and execute a web-marketing plan. SuccessWorks, Inc. was able to help Monheit pinpoint where changes needed to be made, prioritizing the steps necessary to achieve consistent rankings and conversions.

Visibility Increases Dramatically

  • Why is “visibility” important in a search campaign?

Determining visibility (how many pages of your site the major search engines have indexed) is the first step in a successful SEO campaign. If a search engine hasn’t indexed some of your pages, it means those pages will not come up on a search and your customers simply won’t be able to find your site. Better visibility can enable a company to gain more qualified leads and revenue from their website, and this highly desired visibility starts with well-positioned keywords.

  • What did SuccessWorks do to improve Mohnheit’s visibility?

SuccessWorks’ work with Monheit included writing pages based on SEO copywriting best practices, focusing on Monheit Law’s main keywords. SuccessWorks also changed Monheit’s page titles for higher click-throughs off the search engine results page and higher positioning. Since using SuccessWorks’ SEO techniques, 100 of Monheit Law’s keywords have increased in position. Most were ranked at below #30 and have climbed all the way up to a #10 position or better. Many keywords are even in the top five and some are currently at number one.

  • How else did improved keyword rankings impact Monheit’s site?

As an added result, the month immediately following SuccessWorks’ initial SEO services, Monheit’s site saw a 197% jump in visitors (as opposed to the previous month’s increase, before SuccessWorks, of 69%). Monheit’s number of visitors continued to grow throughout 2003 and, in May of 2004, Monheit Law’s website saw 26,369 visitors on its site, an increase of more than 15 times the number of visitors it had before using SuccessWorks.

Michael Monheit, Managing Attorney for Monheit Law, says: “The SEO copywriting and consulting services provided by SuccessWorks helped me gain top positions for very competitive keyterms. The writing was excellent and, as a result, I corresponded with clients who really needed my help. I definitely saw higher search positions and conversions and I would highly recommend SuccessWorks.”

Adjusting the Total Marketing Mix

Implementation of SEO will, in most cases, alter a company’s total marketing mix because organic SEO allows some companies to decrease their PPC spending. That is, they have all the branding without the per-click charge. Since working with SuccessWorks Inc., Monheit Law has been able to substantially limit their Pay-Per-Click advertising, cutting spending by 50%. With high organic rankings, there is a less of a need to pay for this advertising.


With a clear and focused Search Marketing plan, Monheit Law has enjoyed dramatic increases in their website traffic. From January of 2003 to May of 2004, their visitors have gone from 1,621 up to 26,369, thanks to those coveted excellent keyword rankings. Now, with these fantastic organic results, as competitors increasingly spend more for Pay-Per-Click advertising, Monheit has simultaneously reduced this cost, now spending a mere 10% of what those competitors pay, simply by relying on SEO copywriting techniques. By correctly managing their website with the tools SuccessWorks gave them, Monheit Law’s measurable results are not only detectable, they are profitable.