3 ways to learn the SEO copywriting ropes

Greetings!  Welcome to the second post of our video blog series, aimed at helping you excel in your SEO copywriting career.

Last week, we discussed the three crucial skills that every SEO copywriter needs to succeed. Today, we’re going to show you how to cultivate these skills.

Don your headset and check out this mini-tutorial on three ways to learn the ropes of SEO copywriting:

Here’s a recap of the essential points:

1. Read… A Lot!

SEO copywriting is truly a multi-disciplinary field incorporating direct response, content marketing, neuromarketing, and buyer psychology – as well as solid SEO and copywriting skills.  A suggested list for your reading, as a starting point, includes:

2. Expand Your Educational Horizons

The best learning doesn’t occur in a vacuum.   Consider tapping into the training resources offered by local and online SEO copywriting and marketing groups, and connect with your colleagues:

3. Take Your SEO Copywriting to the Next Level

There are a lot of good SEO copywriters out there – which is all the more incentive for you to be great!  Consider taking your SEO copywriting skills to the next level via opportunities like these:

  • Professional Internship: It may not pay, but you can build up your skills and a fantastic portfolio by interning for an SEO copywriting/marketing company.
  • Ground-Level Company Position: Take that entry-level position with a company and work your way up, while letting them pay for your SEO copywriting education and experience.
  • Work With a Mentor: There is nothing more powerful than cultivating a one-on-one relationship with an established SEO copywriting professional.  The personalized attention, guidance, and feedback are well worth the investment in this Master’s level training.

Thanks for tuning in!  Do you have any ideas or resources you’d like to add? By all means, please do!  Hope you will join us for next week’s video post, when we’ll discuss FAQ’s for SEO copywriters.  See you then!

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  1. Ken Jansen
    Ken Jansen says:

    Hi Heather,
    Excellent list of resources. I need to read about neuromarketing. I have not come across that term before.

    Do you know of any SEO internships or entry level SEO jobs in Kansas City or Overland Park?

  2. Laura Crest
    Laura Crest says:

    Hi Ken! Thanks for your comments!

    While I don’t have geo-specific information about SEO internships or entry-level jobs, I can recommend that you check into opportunities regularly posted at AWAI as well as online SEO and copywritng groups. Twitter is also a great resource for SEO copywriting job leads.

    Are you on Linked In? Our SEO Copywriting group often posts opportunities for SEO beginners. The beautiful thing about SEO copywriting is that it isn’t dependent on a physical location.

    As far as neuromarketing, Martin Lindstrom has published two books: “buy-ology” and “Brand Sense.” Both are available for order on his website: http://www.martinlinstrom.com

    Thanks again, Ken, for your feedback! Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with!

  3. Moosa Hemani
    Moosa Hemani says:

    love the post! and for the 1st point i need to add one thing that not only SEO but anything in general related to copy writing specially fiction you need to read alot… This is kinnda must to every writer on earth i guess…

  4. Ken Jansen Kansas City
    Ken Jansen Kansas City says:

    Whoops, sorry Laura, I mean to address you, not Heather in my comment. Very sorry. Thank you for the ideas. I appreciate it. I will check out those leads today. And I will add Martin’s books to my Amazon cart.

    Laura, thank you again. 🙂

  5. Laura Crest
    Laura Crest says:

    @Ken – No worries! Heather produces the actual video and generates the material, so all credit is due to her! It’s her gig — I merely write the content based on her video. So glad the resources are helpful, and yes, by all means do add Martin Lindstrom’s books to your list!! 🙂

  6. Julia Watson
    Julia Watson says:

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