SEO content marketing roundup, week ending January 19th

Cultivating your competitive edge is the theme of this week’s latest and greatest web writing news.  It’s a proverbial jungle out there, and advice on how to successfully pen and market your way through it — from content and social media marketing to SEO and search – dominates the buzz.  Get your competitive edge starting with this week’s selections:

Content Marketing:

2011 is going to be the year of the tablet, from the Kindle to the iPad to smart phones, according to this Seth Godin post that looks at the evolution of internet marketing.

Joe Pulizzi has released the Junta42 best content marketing blogs of 2011, and Lee Odden’s Top Rank blog most appropriately tops the list.  Congrats, Lee!

Copyblogger posts its latest weekly wrap, including an exceptional piece about creating exceptional content.

Great article at iMedia Connection about building the buzz to boost your brand, and a second smart read at Harvard Business Review discuses the new calculus of competition.

This Neuroscience Marketing post reviews the book, The Price of Everything: Solving the Mystery of Why We Pay What We Do, by Eduardo Porter.

And speaking of things print, Content Marketing Institute announced the launch of its Chief Content Officer magazine, available in both print and digital.

Web services that you should consider for mobile marketing are discussed at Open Forum, while ideas for maximizing online marketing for events (with SEO, social media, and PR) are shared at Top Rank.

Finally, 2011 has been declared the year of content marketing.  Ways to capitalize on this great trend (and make more money) are listed at SEO Copywriting.

SEO & Search:

An SEO checklist for social media marketers is posted at SEOmoz, as well as more traditional SEO fare such as exploring the challenge of doing SEO for sites and products with no search demand.

Check into SEOmoz at 10 a.m. pacific this Friday (the 21st) for Rand Fishkin’s Whiteboard Friday live chat!

Speaking of online chats, Twitter Chat holds a #seochat each Thursday night at 9 p.m. eastern.  As last Thursday’s #seochat guest, Top Rank’s Lee Odden shares his prep notes, which include his recommended resources and strategies for SEO and content marketing

Ross Dawson discusses the kinds of context that will define contextual search on his blog, and Lisa Barone addresses dumb SEO mistakes at Outspoken Media.

Could it be that Google is again using the Meta Keywords tag?  According to Jill Whalen’s experience, described at Search Engine Roundtable, they well may be. Hmmmm.

Speaking of Google antics, did you receive a negative review on Google Maps?  Looks like you may be stuck with it, according to this post by Barry Schwartz.

So what died now?  The Sphinn buzz about email’s demise (as well as desert island SEO/PPC tool of choice) is captured at Search Engine Land, while this fun Conversation Marketing post reviews 2010 as the year that everything died.

Search Engine Journal posts a how-to on maximizing your existing content for link-building purposes, and Search News Central discusses how to perform a competitive link analysis.

More posts about linking are at SEOmoz, with a guide to competitive backlink analysis, and at SEO Copywriting, with a post exploring the question of whether sexy linkbait blog titles can backfire on you.

Social Media Marketing:

More competition: Blog World recommends doing a competitive analysis to improve your blog, while Social Media Examiner discusses how to gain competitive insight via social media.

Lovely David versus Goliath story about how a tiny grocer beat out a large retailing giant on Facebook is recounted at Content Marketing Today

SME has announced the 2011 winners of its Top 10 Social Media Blogs competition, and reminds readers that there’s only a couple of days left to get a 50-percent discount off the 2011 Blogging Summit.

In the meantime, Problogger released its list of the 40 bloggers to watch in 2011.

eMarketer predicts that social network advertising in the U.S. will explode this year, driven  by Facebook.  Meanwhile, Mashable reports that StumbleUpon recently set a new record of 27.5 million stumbles in one day.

In a related infographic, Hubspot follows the marketing money among the various social media venues.

This Click Z column by Liana Evans shares tips for optimizing and integrating your social media across channels, and this Businesses Grow {grow} post discusses the single biggest mistake your company can make on Twitter.

Jon Rognerud recommends 20 tools to help measure social media user engagement and track ROI at his blog, and Sexy Social Media discusses social media trustbait (think social media’s version of linkbait) as the future.

Finally, a fun SEOmoz post by Dan Zarella addresses the different makeup of Twitter vs. Facebook users.  The blog title is precious.

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