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Hat Tip to Blog Promotion: Interview with The Social Media Hat’s Mike Allton

If you’re not already familiar with Mike Allton, there’s no better time to get to know him.
Mike is the CMO for SiteSell and lead “Content Marketing Practitioner” at The Social Media Hat, which only last week was voted one of the top ten social media blogs to follow in 2016 by Social Media Examiner.
For our part, we […]

Savvy Content Promotion Strategies & Techniques Used by the Pros

Recently, we shared a series of posts on how to create conversions-driving content. We started with proven copywriting formulas and how-tos on writing clickable headlines and email subject lines and ended with what Google can teach us about copywriting.
In the second article, we shared expert strategies for creating powerful landing pages and engaging content, and […]

Learn from the Experts: Tips for Creating & Promoting Stellar Content

Recently, we shared several evergreen resources for creating conversions-driving content that featured copywriting formulas and how-tos for crafting compelling headlines and email subject lines.
Today, we follow up with expert strategies, tips and tools for writing persuasive web copy, including home and landing pages, as well as engaging, shareable blogs and articles. We also share some […]

Create Killer Content: Copy These Powerful Formulas

Do a search on “sales writing” or “copywriting” and you’ll see that the body of content around it is ginormous. And that’s no surprise. After all, copywriting is the substance of all the print and digital marketing materials out there, from headlines to calls to action (and all that stuff in between).
The art and science […]

How Do You Influence an Influencer? Eric Enge Explains

Today we’re happy to feature Eric Enge, CEO of Stone Temple Consulting. As a recognized, wicked-smart digital marketing and SEO expert, he brings a lot to any table. He’s served up many delightful and insightful dishes to our readers over the years, and his latest spread concerns influencer marketing.
Feast on his insights into this latest online […]