Easy ways to Panda-proof your content

Easy ways to Panda-proof your contentPanda is everywhere! I’m here at SMX East, and “Panda” is definitely the hot conference buzzword. My argument? Google’s Panda update forces marketers to go back to basics – that is, quality, original content that speaks to their prospects and tells a story. The update is a good thing and provides quite a bit of opportunity. It’s just understanding how to leverage it and make it happen.

Yesterday, I discussed how to “Panda-proof” your content – and how to develop content that can be repurposed across different marketing mediums. If you’ve been struggling around, “How can I find the time to create the quality SEO copy that I know I need,” check out my slides from SMX East.

Want more Panda goodness? Check out the live blogging writeups from the wonderful folks at aimClear, SEORoundtable and Outspoken Media. Enjoy!

Learn how to Panda-proof your content at SMX East

I am speaking at SMX East

Did Google’s Panda take a big bite out of your search engine rankings – and you’re not sure what to do next?

Sounds like a trip to NYC for SMX East (September 13th – the 15th) would be a smart move.

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be speaking on “Panda-proofing your content” on September 13th from 1:45-3 p.m. I’ll be joined by a fantastic speaker lineup, including:

If you’re attending SMX East, please stop by and say, “hi.” It will be great to meet you! :)

(BTW, I’m on vacation this week, hence the mini-post. I’ll be back at it after the holiday! Thanks!)

SEO content marketing roundup, week ending August 18th

questionIs it search? Is it social?  Is it mobile?  Is it video? Is it SEO? Or could content marketing in all its possible forms and avenues be morphing into one multifaceted, connected marketing creature? The word for today’s SEO content marketing news roundup: the profession is evolving rapidly in sync with emerging technologies, and we need to evolve with it to remain viable and successful!

The latest news from the Search Engine Strategies (SES) San Francisco Conference-Expo (part of ClickZ’s Connected Marketing Week), as reported via live blog at SEO Roundtable yesterday and summarized today at Top Rank, addresses the changing SEO content marketing landscape, while noting the one thing that does not change: Content!

Highlights from SES San Francisco include:

So where is search going? Search marketing professionals representing IProspect, Acquisio, and Yahoo each presented their respective take on the subject. Among the more notable predications for the next five years:  1) People will no longer use search engines; like the computer, search will evolve; and 2) Search results will become increasingly real-time and connected (eventually, the platforms of choice will be twitter, blogging, and social network influences).

But don’t despair!  Content will rule the day! Lee Odden, CEO of TopRank Online Marketing, spoke on Content Marketing Optimization, delivering a comprehensive presentation on the 10 essential steps for your organization to achieve success. The upshot: the core of any search or social media marketing program focuses on content. The question presented: what exactly is content marketing?  Great stuff!

Other notable presentations recapped by Top Rank include: Conversion Optimization Secrets and the keynote address by a “celebrity” CMO.

An insightful summarization and perspective of the big idea behind the Connected Marketing Week/SES San Francisco is Garry Przyklenk’s What the Heck is Connected Marketing?

And a special shout-out to Heather Lloyd-Martin, CEO of SuccessWorks, and SEO Copywriting/Content Marketing Expert, for her SES presentation on Creating Great Content! Whoot!!

Finally, check out this not-to-miss compilation of 10 Essential SEO Interviews with the best and brightest of SEO copywriting experts, including our Heather Lloyd-Martin!

SEO content marketing roundup, week ending July 28th

searchYes, dear readers, it’s time to get current with the latest and greatest of SEO copywriting and content marketing news!  This post is dedicated to our SEO Copywriting & Content Marketing Queen, Inside Informant, and Generous Educator, Heather Lloyd-Martin. (I can get away with this, because she’s out of town this week!)  Heather will be both presenting and speaking at the SES (Search Engine Strategies) San Francisco Conference-Expo, on Tuesday, August 17th.  Details follow:

As part of ClickZ’s Connected Marketing Week, Search Engine Strategies (SES) San Francisco is hosting its “learn-in” from Tuesday August 17th through Thursday August 19th, featuring the brightest stars of search and social marketing. And yes, our Heather is most prominently featured! First she will introduce the speakers for “Content Marketing Optimization,” and then present — surprise! — “Developing Great Content.”  The agenda details can be accessed at SES San Francisco.

Speaking of great content“¦other news and links well worth your while, from content mills to content as link bait, to landing page testing, content management, and a 12-step rehab program:


SEO content marketing roundup, week ending July 21st

Getting social with it:  this Wednesday’s roundup of the latest and greatest of SEO content marketing news and links features social media marketing, as content marketers grapple with such slippery issues as social media SEO, whether social media is helpful or hurtful to marketing campaigns, and how social marketing stands up to search engine marketing efforts.   Engage, enlighten, and enjoy!

Can social media actually hurt your content marketing campaign?  The case is made in a Hubspot blog that cites seven specific ways in which social media may sabotage your best marketing efforts.

So what about the customer experience with social media?  Backing up the Hubspot blog, Search Engine Land reports that this year’s American Consumer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) has, for the first time, measured general consumer satisfaction levels with social media, and found it wanting as compared to traditional online marketing channels.  (And apparently, Google has dropped in its satisfaction rating).

Going viral:  on the flip side, Marketing Sherpa presents eight “inspirational” social marketing success stories for 2010, five from B2C and three from B2B campaigns, in which marketers were able to harness the power of their social audiences to spread their message and generate a viral response.

Social media marketing specialists made their respective cases for incorporating social media into content marketing campaigns, speaking at the Blueglass LA Session.  Published in Search Engine Journal, the hot topics included using social media to create customer advocacy, making content go viral, and the role of “influencers.”

The relationship between search engine and social media marketing, and whether there exists such a thing as “social SEO,” are explored in great detail with a case study in Wordstream, and an article in The Fire Horse Trail, respectively.

Finally, the thorny issue of measuring the success of social media marketing in terms of the return on investment (ROI) is tackled in Search Engine Watch and in iMedia Connection.