SEO Content Marketing Roundup, Week Ending September 22nd, 2010

Now that the storm of Google Instant has been downgraded to a category one, the SEO content marketing community seems to have re-focused its attention on the ABC’s & 123’s of content marketing and reaffirmed the value of SEO!

This week’s roundup of the latest and greatest SEO content marketing news is about fundamentals: from why a smart content marketing strategy should precede social media efforts, to the conversion value of SEO, to how to renew your home page, revive your FAQ page, and replenish your calls to action!

(And yes, SEO is alive and well!)

This Social Media Examiner video interview with Joe Pulizzi of Junta42/Content Marketing Institute stresses why you should have a content marketing strategy in place before you jump into social media marketing, and much, much more!

Onto the direct correlation between great SEO and conversion optimization: Search Engine Journal presents a solid, graphic case of how SEO works for conversions, while SEOmoz does much the same in a more technical example of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) :print these off and take them directly to your boss and/or client!

Related to the topic of great SEO = Conversions, SEOmoz’s Danny Dover’s advice on how to optimize your SEO resources to get the most bang for your buck!

Now for some hard-core site evaluation:

Does your call to action need a call to action? Renew your vows and revive your content messages with this reality check at Hubspot!

Do your FAQ pages suck? Apparently, most readers think so. How you can readily address this is laid out clearly at Content Marketing Institute’s “How to Create Useful FAQ Pages.”

“So, it’s not over and won’t be for some time.”  Google Instant has rattled the collective nerves of the SEO content marketing world. According to TopRank, Google Instant has some competition with other “Instants” from YouTube, Bing, and yes, iTunes — the latter from a 15-year-old kid!

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  1. Victoria Blount says:

    I think the round up is very helpful and informative. Pushing the boundaries to challenge why your site has a high bounce rate, and what you can do to resolve it. Is it the content or design? Definitely issues which needed resolving to progress your website and get value from it.

  2. Laura Crest says:

    Victoria, hi! Thank you so much for your comments – you are so right re: the “hard look” we all need to take from time to time if our bounce rate is high, and the conversions rate is low! Happy to know you find the roundup useful to you! Makes the effort that much more rewarding :[_


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