SEO Content Marketing Roundup, Week Ending August 25th, 2010

After last week’s super-social SES San Francisco summit, it’s no surprise that the latest and greatest SEO copywriting news and links have turned a bit inward and introspective in their content.  But before we get into the emotion and psychology behind SEO and content marketing, let’s pause and celebrate the success of this blog, noted by Hubspot as one of the top awesome SEO blogs that everyone should read!

Psychology and emotion are huge elements of SEO content marketing and copywriting, yes? The Psychology of SEO, posted in Search Engine Journal, breaks it down nicely so you can better wrap your head around it, from finding your focus to understanding your own self-limiting mental constructs.

So, having conquered our own inner demons, how do we go about ridding ourselves of those without?When do you to say goodbye to an SEO client?  This post offers a helpful outline to employ when defining your own fine line between “should I stay or should you go?”

Balanced and fair, now:  what should you look for in an SEO copywriter? And who better to answer this question than Success Works’ CEO Heather Lloyd-Martin? A succinct and most insightful guide addresses the ten questions the business owner should ask their prospective SEO copywriter.

Finally, a melancholy goodbye to Yahoo as the force behind its organic search results in the U.S. and Canada, as it officially hands over the reins to MSN’s Bing:  So Sad, Yahoo Finally and Officially Gave Up On Search.

But let’s wrap this up on a high note, shall we?  Belying the title, SEOmoz’s Answering Hard SEO Questions adds some welcome levity to the subject!

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