Interview With SEO Copywriting Certification Grad, Noel Gama

Noel Gama directs Human Resources and MarCom for one of India’s largest line of pipe-manufacturing companies, based in India with facilities in the U.S. and Dubai. He’s honed his persuasive writing skills for getting the most-wanted response (MWR) from his most challenging customers — employees — and has applied these skills to his external customers as the company’s star copywriter.

Noel took the next logical step in his career — from being an HR and MarCom professional (writing for humans) to an SEO copywriter (writing for humans and search engines). He used his copywriting skills to persuade his company to sponsor his enrollment in the Success Works’ SEO Copywriting Certification training program. Success Works’ program provided me with everything I was ‘searching’ for online, vis a vis SEO,” says Noel.

What got you interested in SEO copywriting?

The writing’s very clear on the web :)  SEO copywriting is the future of all copywriting because the web is the future, and at the center of the web is SEO copywriting — where human-enticing content and bot-baiting SEO compete for the Home turf (pun intended).

What SEO copywriting projects are you working on now?

I’ve started optimizing my company’s website using the course manual as a blueprint.  However, because I’m a full-time HR and MarCom professional, I have been turning down online B2B SEO copywriting projects from potential clients. But now that I have an SEO copywriting certification and a logo from Success Works, I’ve started work on my own SEO copywriting website, which ranks #1 on Google: Effective Human Resources Writing.

I’ve also begun to apply the best practices I learned from the training program to the three, theme-based, content-rich websites I own, and have completed the outline of my e-book, “Organic Search Engine Optimization Secrets Every Brick-and-Mortar CEO Should Know.”

What do you find most rewarding about SEO copywriting?

I’ve been in HR for over a quarter of a century and in MarCom almost a decade. Out of all the campaigns I’ve launched in these two functions, in-house SEO campaigns were absolutely free, the returns were huge, and the results more measurable. Can anything be more rewarding than that?

Does your in-house SEO copywriting present unique challenges?

Yes. My industry is in the infrastructure sector (manufacturing, to be precise) where mechanical engineers rule and when it comes to the web, they seldom “get it.” On the other hand, I’ve had to interact with external SEO experts who work only for the search engines.  Though I’ve worked with IT and external techies, it’s my SEO copywriting skills that make me unique and therefore, feted by both:  my company and the SEO techies!

What have you found to be the most immediately applicable skills you learned from the SEO Copywriting Certification training program?

SEO editing — it’s the easiest and the first thing one can do with an existing website. But besides the up-to-date knowledge I gained and the best practices I learned, the certification is sure to give a huge boost to my credibility, especially when credibility is such a big factor on the internet, should I decide to go freelance on a part-time basis. The Success Works’ SEO Certification logo will enhance my own SEO copywriting website’s corporate look and feel, and the certificate is documentary evidence that my expertise is confirmed by a widely-recognized, third-party industry expert!

What are your other interests and passions?

I spend my leisure hours in my colonial villa in a 16th-century fort, in the company of my extended family and my dogs. I don my singer-songwriter hat and play with my collection of guitars and synths; at other times, I work on my web-base info-publishing business, “Noah’s Mark Publishing.” Occasionally, I add pages to the manuscript of a historical romance novel set in the Indo-Portuguese era.

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  1. GS Sauhta says:

    I have seen Noel improving and acquiring such soft skills over past more than 25 years. We try to use as much of his such skills in our company, as it is possible. I wish him great success in timemn to come.

  2. Noel Gama says:

    Thank you, GS – for all the encouragement which has always come attached with strong support!

    “GS” (G S Sauhta), a senior director of PSL Limited, has mentored me all these 25 years.


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