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LinkedIn Collaborative Articles — Worth It, Or Nope?

Are you being prompted by LinkedIn to contribute to their “Collaborative Articles?” Do you see people with a “Top Voice” badge on their LinkedIn profile and wonder how they got all the fame and fortune? Yeah, so I’ve been testing LinkedIn’s Collaborative articles for a while. And I’m…not impressed. Plus, I just read some data […]

Here’s The BIG Problem I Have With Yearly Blogging Trend Reports

Do you constantly feel guilty thinking that you should do more with your SEO content campaign? This question popped into my brain while I was scanning the latest Orbit Media 2023 Blogging Statistics: 10 Years of Trends and Insights from 1000+ Bloggers. It’s a great read. I have bunches of respect for Orbit Media and […]

I Did the Scary Thing, and WOW!

I decided to do something scary and counterintuitive last week. Something so unheard of, that some business owners would think I was crazy. And I may totally regret this… But first, some backstory… Over the last fifteen years, my focus has been on large, corporate brands (for instance, AAA was a client.) I loved digging […]

What if You Pay to Guest Post? Will Google Think It’s Spam?

Once upon a time, guest posting could make your Google positions climb. People would write one article, add backlinks including their most important keyphrases (for instance, [best small business accounting firm]), get it published on multiple sites, and watch their rankings rise. Was it spammy? Oh yes. After all, those links back to their site […]

Here are 3 times you can safely ignore Google and write what you want

Do you crave to write what you want – without worrying about keyword research, Google, or positions? I get it.  There are times when following the Google rules and optimizing content feels…boring. Sure, you know following SEO writing best practices is important. Still, you wish you could break free and write what’s on your mind […]