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How Much Can Your Google Traffic Plummet If You Rip Off Content?

Do you know what’s not fun? Another site stealing your content. Copyright violations have happened since the beginning of Google time. Years ago, I wrote a blog post about what to do if somebody steals your content. Fortunately, the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) makes it “easy” to get offending content taken down. In many cases, someone […]

How To Choose The Best SEO Writing Course For You

In a fascinating burst of synchronicity, I was halfway finished with this blog when the news hit about Google’s digital marketing certification course mentioning keyword density and word count. Sigh. This is one of my rant-filled blog posts. You’ve been warned. Are you confused by all the SEO writing course options out there? That makes […]

When Is Gated B2B Content A Good Idea?

If you’ve created content for a B2B company, you understand the pain… A company may have outstanding, well-researched content — for instance, white papers, research reports, or case studies. But if readers want to actually read the content, they need to fill out a form and download it. (Otherwise known as “gated” content.) Yes, gated […]

Want more Google traffic? This (surprisingly) won’t help

I was talking to a freelance writer the other day… She was debating a freelance opportunity where she’d have a stable amount of ongoing work. But, she’d need to research topic ideas, conduct the keyphrase research, and create at least two well-researched 2,500-word guides—every week. Plus, ideally, one or two shorter blog posts. That’s a lot […]

What’s the Best Word Count for Google, Blog posts, and SEO? [Updated for 2022]

Have you wondered what the optimal word count was for a blog post or web page? Over the years, that number has been a moving target. Twenty years ago, I recommended that every page be at least 250 words. Back then, people considered 250 words “too much content.” “People won’t read it,” folks complained. “I […]