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Google’s Question Hub: Need Great Topic Ideas? Check This Out

Imagine having an at-your-fingertips tool allowing you to dig inside Google’s brain and discover queries that Google couldn’t answer.
It’s here! And it’s cool!
Here’s how it works…
Have you ever conducted a Google search and received a “It looks like there aren’t any great matches for your search, please refine your query” message? 
It doesn’t mean you were a bad […]

3 Cool (and Cheap) Writing Tools I Can’t Live Without

If you’re like me, you’re always on the hunt for writing tools that make your life easier — and won’t cost thousands in recurring subscription fees.
When people ask me about my “favorite” low-cost tools, three immediately pop into my brain. Two have free versions — although upgrading may be worthwhile. The third is a low/high tech combination product […]

SEO Writers: How Much Money Should You Pay for SEO Tools?

Today, I’m going to hit you with a loving reality tap — and pair it with data that will (hopefully) help you relax.
Here we go…
If you’re an SEO writer, subscribing to a paid keyphrase research tool is a must do. It’s just as important as your laptop and your internet connection. 
Yes, even if you “just have a few clients.” […]

How to Write Powerful FAQ Pages That Grab Great Search Positions

Are your FAQ (frequently asked questions) pages dull, boring, and lifeless?
Do you look at your FAQ pages and think, “There’s nothing for me to touch up or optimize. I can leave those pages alone”?
What if I told you that you could transform your blah FAQ page into a sparkling conversion powerhouse?
But wait! There’s more!
What if that […]

Why Top-10 Expert Lists Are a Bad Idea

I knew I shouldn’t have checked Twitter while I was on vacation.
Recently, I received a Twitter notification that I was on a “top ten SEO expert to follow” list.  And I groaned, knowing the list post was going to cause an inevitable poo-show.
I was right. 
When I checked Twitter the next day, the company had gotten comments like:
How […]

Think Adding These Words Will Help Your Page Position? Think Again.

Think back to the last cringe-worthy time that you turned in a typo.
Maybe your latest proposal had a big, fat typo on page two. Or, you submitted copy to your boss, and she pointed out that you wrote weather instead of whether.
Sure, typos happen — but that doesn’t mean we’re happy about letting one fly.
Now, imagine taking that cringe-factor one step […]

Why Comparison Review Posts Are Great for Your Readers (and Google, Too!)

Do you ever find yourself torn between two options?
Sure, product A looks great…but product B has more bells and whistles.
Who you gonna call when you can’t decide?
(I so wanted to type “Ghostbusters,” but I stopped myself!) :)
When I’m in comparison mode, I love reading posts comparing X product to Y. Posts like that help me focus my brain and provide […]

SEO Writers: What You Do Matters. A Lot.

Do you sometimes feel like you’re just another cog in the SEO wheel, and what you do (or write) isn’t that important?
Recently, I was on a Live with Search Engine Land panel where one of the questions was:
“It’s probably clear why you need capable content writers, but, for publishers/audiences, what are the benefits of prioritizing your […]