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SEO Writers: What You Do Matters. A Lot.

Do you sometimes feel like you’re just another cog in the SEO wheel, and what you do (or write) isn’t that important?
Recently, I was on a Live with Search Engine Land panel where one of the questions was:
“It’s probably clear why you need capable content writers, but, for publishers/audiences, what are the benefits of prioritizing your […]

Fun, Easy Ways to Delight Your Customers

Oh, how I hate when my snark comes back to bite me — but here we are.
Remember the Peloton television ads that ran last year? The ads would show a beautiful person in an amazing condo with their incredible $2,500+ exercise equipment…
…while a voice over would define what a “Peloton person” did every day, for instance, […]

Do SEO Writers Need Technical Skills?

Raise your hand if you’ve ever thought SEO writing was “too technical” to learn and involved too much programming and geeky terminology.
Yup. That’s totally normal. And it’s certainly true that SEO writing has geeky-sounding elements.
Heck, I remember trying to wrap my head around what a Title was when I first learned over 22 years ago. […]

When Is Short Copy OK?

Have you heard that writing short copy is spammy, and you should always write a minimum of X words?
You’re not alone. Recently, I received this question:

“What is the minimum number of words for a blog post? 
I was told many years ago that it was 300 words and then a couple of years after that I […]

Is It Time to Refresh Your B2B Messaging?

This is going to be one of my “tough love” blog posts. You have been warned.
Right now, I’m hearing a lot of B2B blanket statements like, “All companies have eliminated their purchasing. There is no budget out there. We’re pulling back on our marketing until things are back to normal.”
Here’s the thing.
It’s true that many B2B businesses […]

How to Transform One Video Into 12 Pieces of Content

Do you feel like you’re on a content creation hamster wheel, and there’s no end in sight?
I hear you.
What if you could create one big piece of content — and repurpose it into multiple mini-segments that could be distributed through different platforms?
Cool, eh?
Jay Baer talks about this tactic, called “content atomization” (first coined by Todd Defen) in […]

Site Traffic Down? Do This!

Does your site seem uncommonly…quiet…lately?
It’s not just you. In fact, 60 percent of SEOs are seeing a traffic drop. This is up from 49 percent just a week ago.
Yes, it depends on the industry (for instance, videoconferencing and fitness equipment sites are going gangbusters.) But for the rest of us, things are slow.
As for the reason? You guessed it. […]