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Stop Recommending Impossible SEO Content Strategies. Do This Instead.

Years ago, I worked with a sales coach who insisted that I was selling my services all wrong. She’d get on the phone with my prospects and tell them how their “site looked outdated,” their entire site suffered from sub-par content, and every page needed a rewrite. Oh, and a redesign too. At one point, she told […]

[Updated for 2021] 27-Point Checklist: How to Write for Google

Are you writing your SEO content based on the latest best practice tips? I originally wrote this SEO copywriting checklist in 2012—my, how things have changed. Today, Google stresses quality content even more than before, conversational copy is critical, and there are revised SEO writing “rules.”  I’ve updated the list to reflect these changes and […]

Bad Grammar or Broken HTML: Which Does Google Care about More?

Imagine this… You’re checking out a site that has two flashing, neon-red issues that need fixing: Multiple spelling errors and grammatical mistakes Broken HTML causing some funky spacing issues You know that both issues can spoil the reader’s experience. Broken HTML can mess up how a page renders — and grammatical boo-boos are just…bad. But, […]

Unrelated Content: Why Writing About Shiny Things Won’t Drive Links

Have you ever worked with someone who had thousands of shiny thing content ideas? Sure, the company focus may be B2B SaaS solutions for enterprise systems. But the boss wants to see blog content on SEO, how to run virtual meetings, and online presentation skills.  Why? Because he thinks by scattering his content efforts and […]

Do Keywords In The URL Really Matter To SEO Writers?

Once upon a time, I had a client who wanted to make her page URLs chock-full of keyphrases. Her belief? A dermal fillers services page with the URL company.com/facials-aesthetic-services-botox-fillers-portland-oregon would have loads more positioning opportunities. After all, the URL contains all the keyphrases. Won’t that support the content and help Google figure out what the page is about? Well, […]

Writing A Page Title? Quit Focusing On The Wrong Things

Once upon a time, I worked with a client with a very specific Title-writing formula. What was his special trick? He believed that page Titles should be EXACTLY 60 characters (no exceptions) with the keywords separated by pipes. Like this: Accounts payable software | Accounts payable solutions | Small business payables Ugh. You guys know how much I […]