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What the Death of Google+ Teaches Content Creators

So, did you hear the news?

Google is shutting down the consumer version of Google+. Just like they did with Google’s other social network, Orkut.

Remember Orkut? I didn’t think so. :)

I can’t say that I’m surprised to hear the Google+ news. Neither is anyone else. Here’s some more information about the shutdown and the security breach. Joy.

Google+ went from […]

Do This Before You Write Sales Copy

Do you ever wonder about the “right words” you should use in your sales copy?
Do you have just a general idea of your clients’ pain points, and creating reader-specific benefit statements is hard?
We’ve all been there. It’s hard to write good copy when you don’t have all the information you need.
The solution?
Start a conversation with your target […]

Is There a Secret SEO Writing Formula?

Want to know one of the things that grinds my gears?
“SEO experts” who claim they have a “secret formula” that’s “100% foolproof.”
Why am I ranting so early in the morning?  Let me explain…
Earlier this week, I received a note from a super-smart SEO writer who ran into a…challenging…prospect.
Why was the prospect challenging? Because he wanted […]