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Are Outgoing Links Good for SEO?

An interesting news item just hit the streets — and of course, I had to share.  The article dove into the much-touted advice that linking to other, authoritative sources “helps a site’s SEO.”  That is, with all other things being equal, a resource article with outgoing links to authoritative sites would position better than one […]

Writing Conversational Content? Don’t Flush Away Keyphrase Research

Let’s get this out of the way first: Tushy’s site copy makes me giggle like a 12-year-old. Tushy, for the unfamiliar, sells affordable bidet attachments for your toilet. Their copy is frank, funny, and deliciously on-point. It discusses your “clean butt needs” and stresses how their product saves your ass — and the planet. I […]

Stop Recommending Impossible SEO Content Strategies. Do This Instead.

Years ago, I worked with a sales coach who insisted that I was selling my services all wrong. She’d get on the phone with my prospects and tell them how their “site looked outdated,” their entire site suffered from sub-par content, and every page needed a rewrite. Oh, and a redesign too. At one point, she told […]

SEO Copywriting Checklist: Essential Writing Tips for Effective Content

Are you writing your SEO content based on the latest best practice tips? I originally wrote this SEO copywriting checklist in 2012—my, how things have changed. Today, in 2024 Google stresses quality content even more than before, conversational copy is critical, and there are revised SEO writing “rules.”  I’ve updated the list to reflect these […]

Bad Grammar or Broken HTML: Which Does Google Care about More?

Imagine this… You’re checking out a site that has two flashing, neon-red issues that need fixing: Multiple spelling errors and grammatical mistakes Broken HTML causing some funky spacing issues You know that both issues can spoil the reader’s experience. Broken HTML can mess up how a page renders — and grammatical boo-boos are just…bad. But, […]