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Over 70 Percent of Top-Ten Sites Have This Characteristic

Quick: What’s a common characteristic of 70 percent (or more) of top-ten sites?
Is it a clickable Title?
Is it long-form content?
Nope. In fact, to borrow from Buzzfeed, “The answer will surprise you.”
The answer: site security.
Two recent studies show secure, https pages are locking up the top results.
Barry Schwartz reported that two sources — RankRanger and Mozcast — show […]

Is Content Syndication Spammy?

Imagine this…
The editor of a popular site emails you and says, “I love your work! Can we syndicate your content on our site?”
What should you do?
Celebrate and do the deal right then? After all, syndicating your content puts your writing in front of a brand new audience. One already-written post could result in massive site […]

What’s the Best Keyword Research Tool to Use?

Are you looking for the best keyword research tool out there — but there are too many confusing options?
You’re not alone.
A popular thread in the SEO Copywriting LinkedIn group is “what’s your favorite keyphrase research tool?” People recommended 11 different tools, ranging in price from free (if you’re willing to forgo search volume information) to […]

52 Questions to Ask Your New Copywriting Client [Updated for 2017]

Anyone who knows me knows that I tend to ask a lot of questions….
Why? Because that’s how I learn.
When you’re onboarding a new copywriting client — whether you work for yourself, or an agency — asking lots of question is the key to success.
Sure, that means that you’ll be spending an hour (or more) on […]

Quit Obsessing Over Your Freelance Writing Niche. Do This, Instead.

Right this minute, someone out there is wondering, “how can I find my perfect freelance writing niche?”
(Maybe even you.)
I receive heart-wrenching letters every week from writers trying to find their true path. These folks have heard they need to “find a niche” — and that’s where they get stuck.
Because people aren’t focused on finding a […]

3 Ways SEO Can Ruin Content

Do you think keyphrase usage destroys well-written content?
Well, you’re right. Up to a point.
Way back in 2011, Lee Odden wrote “Content Strategy and the Dirty Lie About SEO.” At the end of the post, he posed the question – the question that’s been debated ever since “writing for search engines” started:
Do you think SEO ruins content?
My […]

What’s the ‘Best’ Word Count for Google? [Updated for 2017]

Have you wondered how long a blog post or landing page should be for Google?
Over the years, that number has been a moving target.
Once upon a time, SEO consultants recommended that every page has at least 250 words.
Amazingly, some people considered 250 words “too much content.” “People won’t read all of it,” folks complained. “I don’t […]

It’s 2017. Is SEO Copywriting Training Still Needed?

Have you shelved SEO copywriting training for your in-house writers, figuring the money was better spent elsewhere?
That strategy may put your company at a competitive disadvantage.
Conductor recently reported that half of all content jobs require some SEO skills.
That means companies (like your competitors) are valuing SEO copywriting knowledge more than ever before.
Are you ready?

This statistic shocked me. Yes, […]