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Tracy Mallette - Blog Editor

Tracy Mallette – Blog Editor

Impassioned journalist turned passionate Internet marketer, Tracy traded the newsroom for the World Wide Web in 2011, after discovering that quality content dominates online marketing.

As Blog Editor for SEO Copywriting, Tracy curates content for the weekly SEO Content Marketing Roundup, edits all blog posts, secures weekly guest bloggers, writes Q&As with leading industry professionals and coordinates the editorial calendar.

Self-taught in HTML and CSS, she built A constant learner, she recently completed Heather’s SEO Copywriting Certification training.

Now an Internet marketing professional, Tracy generates leads through inbound marketing techniques, conducting social media and email marketing campaigns, building landing pages and using SEO strategy to write articles, press releases and blog posts.

As SEO Copywriter for Brookstone, Tracy conducted keyword research to write optimized copy for product and category pages.

Always a writer, Tracy crafted stories and kept daily journals as a kid. Since the folks thought novelist wasn’t a stable career path, she went with the next-best thing – the career of childhood heroines Elizabeth Wakefield and April O’Neil: reporter.

Obviously, this decision was made at a young age, but Tracy fully embraced the journalism ideal and developed a passion for the newspaper mission: disseminate the truth so the public can make informed decisions in a democratic society.

While getting her BA in Mass Communication at Franklin Pierce University – then a mere college – Tracy worked her way up to Editor In Chief of the student newspaper. Weekends were spent either on away tennis trips or in the Pierce Arrow office.

Journalism, of course, proved not such a stable alternative to novelist after all, but the same enthusiasm for writing and passion for truth that drove her to serve the public from the newsroom continue to drive her to serve consumers today.

She believes in the modern marketing mission: give customers the information they need to make informed buying decisions.

Despite living in the Live Free or Die State, Tracy lives in fear of the word “public”. Connect with her on TwitterLinkedIn and Google+.

Amy C. Teeple – Project Manager, Copywriter

Amy C. Teeple – Project Manager, Copywriter

With a mom who was a secretary and a dad who was a guidance counselor, Amy felt destined to embrace an appreciation for proper grammar and research. After working all day with “geniuses who couldn’t write,” Amy’s mom expected her children to have better writing skills. And her dad turned her into a search-engine user (when search engines were called dictionaries, encyclopedias, and card catalogs) with his constant response of “look it up.”

It’s no wonder that Amy found a career in SEO copywriting and marketing. Through her B.A. degree in Broadcast Communications (with a minor in English, of course) to her M.S. degree in Business and Technology Management – and all of the seminars and certifications along the way (including our SEO Copywriting Certification), Amy has fine-tuned her writing and research skills.

Amy took a while to realize that she could actually write as a career. Along the way she worked in retail management and higher education administration. Although these other fields were not her passion, she gleaned valuable business lessons that she can still apply today. She also honed her writing skills as she somehow became the person who was always given the “writing assignments” of her jobs.

Amy met Success Works CEO and Founder, Heather Lloyd-Martin at PubCon many years ago and stayed in contact through Twitter. Bonding over feeling like relics when discussing topics like print media and 8-track tapes, Amy and Heather began to find ways to work together.

Drawing on her business background and writing expertise, Amy tackles various roles at Success Works from social media assistant to project manager … and, of course, copywriter. There’s more to Amy than work though. She plays recreational softball, loves to read (romance novels, biographies, and business books), is a strong supporter of cancer research, writes an online column for, considers herself a newbie runner and cyclist, and loves to travel.

Feel free to drop Amy a line at