3 Cool (and Cheap) Writing Tools I Can’t Live Without

If you’re like me, you’re always on the hunt for writing tools that make your life easier — and won’t cost thousands in recurring subscription fees.

When people ask me about my “favorite” low-cost tools, three immediately pop into my brain. Two have free versions — although upgrading may be worthwhile. The third is a low/high tech combination product that makes me smile.

(And, to answer the unasked question, no, these are not affiliate links. I’m not receiving a dime for these recommendations. I’m writing about these products because I love and use them myself.)

Ready? Here we go…


I’m a “take notes by hand” person. Unfortunately, this means I’m taking notes on little scraps of paper and immediately losing them. Or, I’m searching through endless pages of notes to find the one sentence I need.

Rocketbook notebooks allow you to take notes by hand, snap a photo with  your phone, and upload the notes directly to your computer. I upload client notes directly to Evernote, which makes them instantly searchable. Plus, Rocketbook pages are erasable, so you can use the same notebook for months. Yes, one notebook costs $35. But if you’re the type of person who NEEDS to write longhand, you’ll realize the cost (and brain) savings immediately.

Headline Studio Pro

I’ve written about CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer before — it’s a fantastic (and free) tool that allows you to quickly test different headline variations. Now, CoSchedule has Headline Studio. If you write a lot of headlines, this is definitely worth checking out — and there’s a free plug-in that’s pretty cool.

If you need more headline power, Headline Studio Pro is robust enough to be worth the additional cost. It scores your headline, provides some (decent) SEO guidance, and shows actionable ways you can improve your headline. Costs start at $9/month for the annual plan — and they give you plenty of time to try it out before you buy. I love it so much that I upgraded to the paid plan.


Sometimes, sending emails back and forth is a pain — especially when one email may take 10+ minutes to write. That’s why I love Voxer, an app that’s like if voicemail and a walkie-talkie had a baby. With the press of a button, clients can leave you voice, video and text messages that you can listen to in real time — or wait until later. 

Voxer has saved me loads of back-and-forth email time. Plus, if you want to spring for the paid version, you can get searchable transcripts and unlimited storage. I’ve used the free version up to now, but I’ll be paying for Voxer Business later this year.

What do you think?

What’s your favorite low-cost writing tool that you use every day? Leave a comment and let me know!

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  1. vaibhav says:

    I cannot agree more with Headline studio pro tool. Its actually amazing. Thank you for providing this much needed information . Would like to certainly try the other tools mentioned.

  2. Helen McCrone says:

    Just checked out Rocketbook as I’d never heard of it before. It looks great. I get tired of tapping away on my keyboard, and when I’m taking notes or developing concepts, I always prefer to pick up a pen. Reckon I’ll be ordering one pronto. Thanks for the tip, Heather!

  3. Sarah Neilson says:

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