Baby, it's cold outside … or is it?

Petersburg2008 110The other day, my iHeartRadio app alerted me that it just added a playlist that was “perfect for staying warm on a snow day.”

That’s great, except I live in San Diego and it reached 80 degrees that day.

I know that I am in the minority when it comes to weather in the country. (I’m also sure that many of you are probably cursing me right now.) However, this situation got me thinking about tailoring your message.

Yes, it makes sense to appeal to your main demographic (in this case, the chunk of the country dealing with cold weather), but it would have had a bigger impact on me if I had been alerted (based on the location listed in my profile – or from whatever location tracking I inadvertently agreed to when I signed up) that they had added a playlist that was “perfect for enjoyable, enviable weather.”

Do you have more than one target demographic?

Who are you writing for? Your ideal customer is not everyone, but you can have more than one target market.

If you are trying to reach more than one group, you need to have web pages for each segment of your target audience.

Start broad then narrow it down

Your home page should feature your overarching message and tone. It should also let people know they are in the right place. However, your home page should also act as a funnel that directs visitors to the pages that speak directly to them.

If your target market includes different specific niches, you need a page that addresses the needs for each niche.

For example, a dentist may have a practice that offers family dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. On one hand, you need to address the concerns of parents looking for an affordable dentist who takes their insurance and has a good reputation working with kids. On the other hand, you need to target people with a bit more disposable income, who are willing to invest in cosmetic dental work. These are two completely different markets and should have their needs addressed separately.

Winter in San Diego

Winter in San Diego

You can’t please them all

While you won’t be able to address specifically each person who comes to your website, you can appeal to your main markets.

Take some time to really discover who your target markets are. Find out what connects these markets. Address these similarities on your home page.

Then, find out what makes these markets different. Is it:

  • Location?
  • Occupation?
  • Family status?
  • Income level?

Use this information to address the unique needs of these markets when you write your target-specific pages. By using this technique, you can better connect with your customers and see your conversions increase.

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