Why you can’t fly solo as a freelance copywriter

Even superman can't run a freelance copywriting business aloneAre you a freelance copywriter? Do you consider yourself a solepreneur? Are you the only one working on your projects?

Knock it off!

You’re not Superman (or Superwoman).

Yes, you may be the only official employee in your business, but that doesn’t mean that you need to go at it alone. In fact, you shouldn’t try to be a one-woman (or man) show.

You don’t know everything

Sometimes it is hard to admit, but you don’t know everything. There are many legal aspects to owning your own business and, unless you have a business degree, you should consult with an attorney or other legal expert when dealing with the business side of freelance copywriting.

Also, you will need to have a contract for each copywriting gig – yes, even the “quickie” jobs. A copywriting contract protects you and your client, and is a must.

When it comes to tasks like accounting or administrative work, you most likely have the necessary skills to complete these tasks, but are they worth your time? You may find that you save money by paying someone else. Use your time for projects that allow you to charge your higher hourly rate.

Mistakes happen

When it comes to writing, you may be an expert, but you are fallible. Sometimes you are too close to your writing to see errors. Typos and creative spelling could slip by your spell check, but will catch the attention of your client or your readers.

How can you fix that? Find someone you trust to edit (or at least read through) your content before you send it to a client or post it to your website. It could save you headaches … and your reputation.

Who is keeping you motivated?

When you work for yourself, you might lose your focus or motivation – especially when you have to write for yourself. Keep yourself going strong with the help of an accountabilabuddy.

You can also find support and feedback from your colleagues. Be sure to network and to join in the conversations on virtual groups – like the SEO Copywriting LinkedIn group.

Your job this week is to examine your business and see where you can enlist help.

Do you go at it alone or do you get help? Share what works for your business.

Photo by J F Willis (Flickr: Up Up and away) via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Raymond Duke says:

    Just today I was thinking of finding someone similar to myself for accountability and motivation. I think it’s very important. Working for yourself has its perks, but it can easily make you feel alone.

  2. Amy C. Teeple says:

    Raymond – finding a motivation partner is a great idea. You can still work for yourself, but you can help keep each other on track.

    I’ve found this is particularly helpful when you want to write for your own website. We tend to let those posts and pages go and push them to the back burner.

  3. copywriter melbourne says:

    Great post – I have located this is particularly valuable when you wish to write for your own personel site. We have a tendency to allow those posts and pages push and go these people to the back burner. finding a motivation partner a very good idea. You can help keep each other on track, though you can still work for yourself.

  4. Kristen Fischer says:

    I think you can fly solo, but you have to have the discipline. The only hard thing is getting gigs, because a lot of them seem to be in-house. That’s the only hardship I’ve found. If you think you can just write and you want to be in business for yourself, then that’s crazy because you have to run a business–not just be a copywriter. Don’t want to run a business? Stay in-house!


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