3 tips for a high-converting in-house copywriting strategy

Record PlayerYour in-house copywriting best practices were probably well thought out when they were created, but are they still up to date?

Sometimes, in-house writing teams can fall into the trap of the “this is how we’ve always done it” mindset. But what happens when Google makes another algorithm update and your best practices are no longer as effective – or even worse, are now frowned upon by the search giant.

Standards are good, but don’t get stuck.

While you don’t want to jump on the bandwagon for every “next big thing in content marketing,” you do need to keep up with the SEO copywriting industry standards.

But how can you avoid being left behind by Google? Here are three tips to keep you ahead of the curve.

1. Regularly review your content marketing best practices. Don’t wait for a problem to develop. Plan meetings with your creative team once a quarter (or whichever time table works for you) to discuss needed changes. Don’t limit this to a management decision. Many writers who are “in the trenches” may have valuable insights to share.

2. Use your internal resources. Not only do your writers have real-world input, but your web developers, designers and IT team also may be valuable resources. While keeping up with SEO updates that affect their areas directly, these team members most likely have learned about changes (and potential changes) that affect content.

3. Follow top industry blogs. There are so many SEO-related resources on the web that you could have a full-time job combing through all of it and trying to determine what information is reliable and valuable, and which information is misleading. Thankfully, there are several amazing industry experts who not only share their knowledge on content marketing best practices and Google algorithm updates, but they also share what other experts are saying. Know what you have to pay attention to – be sure to follow these helpful resources:

Who knows what the next update will bring

Following the above tips doesn’t guarantee that you won’t be surprised by algorithm updates. However, you will definitely be better prepared. (Many of the leading industry experts have amazing insight into what’s going to happen next.)

What’s the most important tip? No matter what other things change, always stick with well-written, customer-focused copy. You will not only stay ahead of the Google curve, but you will also keep your customers happy – and that’s what really matters.

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