What Copywriting Services Should You Offer Clients?

A waiter serving dinner, representing copywriting service offeringsGreetings! In this installment of her how to start an SEO copywriting business series, Heather discusses a topic that freelance copywriters struggle with all the time: what copywriting services should I offer clients?

When you first start out – and even after you’ve been in business for awhile – it is tempting to offer every service under the sun, from white papers to direct mail to web pages.

Then you end up burning out, because you’re doing a little bit of everything (some services make you more money than others), and you might not be writing the kind of content you enjoy.

Tune in as Heather discusses how to determine what copywriting services to offer your clients…

No, you don’t have to do everything…

The first point to remember – and one that is empowering to know – is that you don’t have to do everything. You don’t have to offer every copywriting service under the sun! Instead, think about what to offer clients in terms of:

– What services are important to your target audience?

In defining this, you may find that in a lot of cases your clients might not need direct mail, but they will need an email newsletter. There you go! You can delete direct mail from your services.

I would encourage you to figure out what your clients need, and then streamline your service offerings around that.

– What do you enjoy writing and provides the highest ROI? Can you specialize?

You also want to consider what you enjoy writing and provides you the most profit, and if there’s a way you can specialize.

For example, I just spoke to a woman who loves writing e-books. She loves the detail work, she loves the fact that it takes a relatively long time, and she loves that it involves a lot of research – that’s just how her mind works. And her target market needs e-books! So she has become a go-to person for that particular target audience. It’s really pretty cool!

So this is something that you can think about for your own freelance copywriting business: is there something you do really well, like writing high-converting sales pages that you know your clients value, and that they can come to you for time and time again?

– What about partnering with another copywriter?

The third thing to consider is the option of partnering with another copywriter.

For instance, if you find out that you really enjoy writing e-books but then your clients need something else – such as an e-newsletter or a blog post – you might have someone else on your team that can handle that for you.

That way, to your client it’s still one source of services, they’re still getting all their copywriting needs met, it’s just that you’re not the one doing everything. You have other people on board who can help you, and are also writing what they love to write!


photo thanks to flickr4jazz (Jazz Guy)

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  1. Nick Stamoulis says:

    It’s better to do a few things well as opposed to many things “just OK”. When it comes to copywriting, each piece of content requires a slightly different approach. Focusing on what is most important to the target audience is the first step.


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