Smart Freelance Writing Tips – in Haiku

Freelance writing tips in HaikuRemember when I provided some SEO copywriting tips in Haiku? Well, I thought it would be fun to give freelance writers some advice – but do things a little differently.

The result? Here are 14 life, business-building and marketing tips for freelance writers – all in Haiku. Enjoy!


Don’t you think it’s time

To build a business you want

Nothing’s stopping you


Starting your business?

Consider your unique niche

What sets you apart


Choose your clients well

Give them high quality work

You will see success


Get paid what you’re worth

Don’t settle for less money

Know your bottom line


Hire savvy experts

Legal, accounting, business

They will help you grow


Market your business

You are your biggest client

Don’t let yourself down



You need them to prove your worth

Always ask for one


Embrace Google+

Verify your authorship

Don’t wait. Just do it


Measure yourself not

By others’ accomplishments

Set your own metrics


There will be bad times

They happen to everyone

They will also end


When things feel shaky

Take a break and recover

Things will feel better


Take care of yourself

Exercise, eat well and rest

It will keep you sharp


When the cash rolls in

Set up a savings account

You’ll be glad you did


Don’t let other folks

Get in the way of your dream.

Just do it. Right now

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  1. Chris Mayhew says:

    Some great Haiku nuggets of advice here. Most notably authorship which will soon turn out to be a game changer. Thanks for sharing Heather.


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