Has your SEO copywriting strategy changed with the times?

The economy has shifted. Has your marketing message?

In today’s learned helplessness, recession-mindset economy, some business owners are moaning, “People just aren’t buying. There’s nothing we can do.”

The reality is that companies (and individuals) are buying products and services every second of every day. However, the marketing message that worked a year ago may not be applicable now. When money is tight, prospects want to know they’re getting a good deal (read: value) from a company they like and trust. Additionally, your prospects may have different objections than even six months ago – objections you need to overcome if you want to make the sale.

Although this article is written for salespeople, the principals apply to Web site sales copy – and how we all need to look at our messaging a little differently.

How has your company changed messaging (or developed new content) this year?

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