Be a loser like me

Loser-Like-Me“My name is Amy and I am a New York Giants fan.”

“Hi Amy.”

If you have been following the NFL this season, you know that the Giants are 0-6 so far. You would think that this is something that would make me hang my head in shame or abandon my team – especially since I have been teased mercilessly by some of my friends.


In fact, the day after loss number six, I proudly wore one of my New York Giants t-shirts.

Am I disappointed with their record? Of course.

Will I continue to root for my team and tell people I am a Giants fan? Absolutely.

The Giants are having a horrible year, but they are a great team. They have won the Super Bowl four times (twice since 2007), have won four NFL Championships (before the Super Bowl), and have made it to the post season more than 30 times.

You can call me (or the team) a loser, but I know that the Giants will once again have a winning record – although probably not this season. You don’t walk away from your team because another team suddenly looks better. I am still proud to be a Giants fan and will continue to cheer them on.

What the heck does this have to do with writing or SEO?

It may seem odd that I am talking about a losing football team on an SEO copywriting blog, but I have a point. I promise.

It seems like every year or so, someone declares that copywriting is dead. (Don’t believe me, check here, here, and here). Something “better” comes along and everyone jumps on the bandwagon and scoffs at those of us who stick with good copywriting.

The truth is well-written copy has been – and will continue to be – an important component for websites to perform well. Don’t believe me? Perhaps you haven’t heard about Google’s latest update, Hummingbird.

As Heather pointed out in her Hummingbird post, Google wants websites to have “original, high-quality content.” That’s right; quality content – not some shortcut or trick – is the winner here.

If you have stuck with quality content over the years, you can proudly look to those who praised the quicker ways to high rankings in the SERPs and say, “You want to be a loser like me.”

(If you were led astray by “sexier” techniques, it’s not too late to give your website a content makeover. You better get moving – it will be a rebuilding year.)

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