SEO Content Marketing Roundup, Week Ending August 18th, 2010

questionIs it search? Is it social?  Is it mobile?  Is it video? Is it SEO? Or could content marketing in all its possible forms and avenues be morphing into one multifaceted, connected marketing creature? The word for today’s SEO content marketing news roundup: the profession is evolving rapidly in sync with emerging technologies, and we need to evolve with it to remain viable and successful!

The latest news from the Search Engine Strategies (SES) San Francisco Conference-Expo (part of ClickZ’s Connected Marketing Week), as reported via live blog at SEO Roundtable yesterday and summarized today at Top Rank, addresses the changing SEO content marketing landscape, while noting the one thing that does not change: Content!

Highlights from SES San Francisco include:

So where is search going? Search marketing professionals representing IProspect, Acquisio, and Yahoo each presented their respective take on the subject. Among the more notable predications for the next five years:  1) People will no longer use search engines; like the computer, search will evolve; and 2) Search results will become increasingly real-time and connected (eventually, the platforms of choice will be twitter, blogging, and social network influences).

But don’t despair!  Content will rule the day! Lee Odden, CEO of TopRank Online Marketing, spoke on Content Marketing Optimization, delivering a comprehensive presentation on the 10 essential steps for your organization to achieve success. The upshot: the core of any search or social media marketing program focuses on content. The question presented: what exactly is content marketing?  Great stuff!

Other notable presentations recapped by Top Rank include: Conversion Optimization Secrets and the keynote address by a “celebrity” CMO.

An insightful summarization and perspective of the big idea behind the Connected Marketing Week/SES San Francisco is Garry Przyklenk’s What the Heck is Connected Marketing?

Finally, check out this not-to-miss compilation of 10 Essential SEO Interviews with the best and brightest of SEO copywriting experts, including our Heather Lloyd-Martin!

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