SEO Content Marketing Roundup, Week Ending July 14th, 2010

On a Clear Day, You Can See SEOToday’s word:  the SEO content marketing landscape offers up divergent opinions and healthy debate about quality content and linking strategy!  So let’s get to it while it’s still fresh off the press!

The content quality debate is far from over!  A completely different take on web content mills (“content farming”), such as Associated Content and Demand Media, was posted at SEObook.  While I respectfully disagree with most of the author’s opinions, hey, we’re all entitled to them!  Debate is healthy!

Yes, a picture is worth a thousand words!  Closely related to the content quality debate is the practice of outsourcing SEO to those who know English only as a second language.  Case in point:  this SEOmoz article on how speaking “engrish” presents an SEO copywriting challenge unique to those not versed in the native tongue.  So for those considering outsourcing such precision-language work because it’s relatively cheap, you may also want to consider this:

Building your link-love:  This Search Engine Journal blog explores several concrete ways to increase your link-love with content on your site, specifically targeted to those of us who are weary of link-exchange negotiations.

A second article at Marketing Sherpa takes a 180-degree turn from SEJ’s blog, examining ways to build consistent, long-term, quality inbound links and boost SEO by forging link-exchange partnerships.

Finally, we have more content marketing meat with a case study from Hubspot, showing how one company shot to the top of Google search engine results with a coordinated website optimization and social media campaign.

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