There’s Only One Pink – Be True to Your Style

PinkConcertLast weekend I saw Pink in concert for the second time this year. She is amazing!

Not only does she have an incredible voice and the ability to write fantastic songs, but she also gives a dynamic performance – flying through the air on a wire, interacting with audience members, playing the drums and piano, and so much more.

She is a truly unique performer.

That almost didn’t happen.

Be Like Britney

Pink emerged at the time when Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson, and other young, blonde, female pop singers were dominating the scene. Pink’s record label wanted her to be “like Britney Spears.”

Pink refused.

She fought to have her own voice and style … and she won.

Not only did she stay true to herself, but she also broke boundaries and revolutionized the pop scene.

Today she is still going strong and is well respected for her talent and showmanship.

Step away from the Conformity

Pink is her own woman. She embraces what makes her unique without losing her connection with her fans. She can relate without having to be like everyone else.

So, what’s your story? What makes you unique? What’s your style?

Does your website or brand messaging sound like everyone else’s? Why? You may have similar services or products, but you are not them – be yourself. Stand out! (Look what it did for Apple.)

Whether it is for your brand, your style of writing, or whatever, find your own voice and stay true to it.

Who knows, you may go beyond being true to yourself. You could start a revolution!

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