3 Things to Consider Before a Site Launch

In today’s SEO copywriting how-to, Heather discusses the value of developing quality content and keyphrase research before launching your site. She highlights the perils of not consulting an SEO expert and the disappointment of overemphasizing site design versus quality content.

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3 Things to Consider Before a Site Launch

Many companies forget to talk to an SEO expert prior to launching a site, especially an SEO expert who understands content.

Companies that neglect to consult an SEO expert often produce a great looking site, but the site performs poorly on Google. Content may be beautifully written, yet it may not be easily found.

Here are the 3 things to consider before a site launch:

1. How much room will be available for the content?

  • Some site templates allow for only 75 words of content
  • Consider the length of your content
  • It is easier to have more room for content than not enough room

2. What is your keyphrase universe?

  • Some companies write their content before conducting any keyphrase research
  • This requires content to be edited after it has been created … which takes a lot of time
  • Research before you launch and set up a per page strategy. If you are constrained by time or expertise, you can always hire a contractor to help

3. What content needs to be “live” before a site launches?

  • Some companies overemphasize site design and completely forget about content
  • This often results in poorly worded “placeholder” content to be modified later
  • Content is sometimes imported from the older site … and you didn’t like that content!
  • Make sure you have your quality content completed before you launch

It’s simply a matter of “pay me now, or pay me later” when you launch a site. A beautifully designed site with little or no quality content will remain that: a beautifully designed site. And it will stay beautiful because it will have very few visitors to trample upon it!

Instead, focus on quality content and keyphrase research prior to developing and launching your site. Help Google help you!

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  1. Nick Stamoulis says:

    One big mistake that I often see is that the text content is part of an image. The search spiders can’t see that. All text needs to be crawlable in order for the site to rank for specific key phrases.

  2. Michael Benoit says:

    The Length of content is important, but not as important as the Quality of the message. Be sure to focus on the reader and deliver value. Thanks for the great article!


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