2012’s 10 hottest SEO copywriting posts

Hot SEO copy postsWow. It’s the end of 2012 already. How did that happen? :)

I feel like the year went by like that ::snapping fingers.::  One second, we were dealing with leftover Panda “issues” from 2011. The next, we were focused on the Penguin update, the exact-match-domain update, the DMCA penalty, still more Panda refreshes…


In the words of the Grateful Dead, what a long, strange trip it’s been.

It’s not surprising that many of 2012’s top posts were of the “back to basics” variety. Marketers were struggling with their SEO content creation during all this algorithmic weirdness. Now that Google is stressing quality content, people want to know what that means and how to make it happen.

And that’s a wonderful thing.

This marks my last official blog post of the year – and I’ll be back at it in the New Year. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the top 2012 posts from the SEO Copywriting blog.  Thank you for your comments, your ideas and for reading my blog posts. I appreciate every one of you.

Happy Holidays! Here’s to a FANTASTIC 2013~


#10: How to avoid Google’s over-optimization penalty

Wondering if your Web copy is a tad too optimized?  Are you afraid to write anything, for fear the the Big G will slap it down?  Consider this video post your virtual chill pill. I’ve outlined three ways to determine if you’re pushing the optimization envelope a little (or a lot) too much.

#9: 14 SEO truths I’ve learned in 14 years

Are you putting all your eggs in Facebook’s basket and ignoring your own site? That may be a bad move. In this post, I discuss 14 SEO truths I’ve learned in 14 years. For instance, tip #2 states: “The only thing that you can control is your own Website.” Something to think about if you allocate all your budget for Facebook ads and none for your site content…

#8: The women who made SEO great

This is one of my all-time favorite posts. A group of super-smart women have helped transform SEO/social into what it is today – and it was an honor to feature them. Learn more about the women who made SEO great – and make sure that you follow them on Twitter. You’ll learn a lot. Trust me.

#7: How to create an editorial calendar

Ah, the editorial calendar. People know that they should do it, but they don’t – and they pay for it later. Yes, your editorial calendar can be a hassle to create. Yes, it takes time. But it’s important to do – and having one will save your bacon many times over.  Really. Check out this video post for some step-by-step tips.

#6: High five: The best SEO copywriting how-to’s

Are you a newbie SEO copywriter? Or, do you need some back-to-basics reminders? This post lists the top five video posts – from how to write compelling Titles, to how to make more money as an SEO copywriter. Enjoy!

#5: SEO content strategies for Google’s Penguin update

First, there was the Panda update. Then Google’s Penguin update waddled its way into our lives, causing us to look at our sites in a whole new way. If you’ve been stressing about Penguin, check out this post. You’ll learn how Penguin targeted web spam – and what experts in the SEO community think you should do.

#4: Ignite your copy with this hot strategy

No, AIDA isn’t a Swedish pop band (that would be ABBA.) But it’s still important to learn about and master. Granted, you won’t be singing “Dancing Queen” after reading this post. But you will know how to write better content. This video post explains how to take your content from lukewarm to smokin’ hot!

#3: The conversion dilemma: AIDA in the Internet age

Want even more AIDA info? This guest post by Katie Fetting-Schlerf goes into the AIDA nitty gritty – and even includes a link to an Alec Baldwin movie. Intrigued? Read how Katie rebuilds the AIDA model and makes it relevant for today’s sensory overloaded marketplace.

#2: How to charge for freelance SEO copywriting services

Are you writing content for 60 hours a week, but barely scraping by? Stop it!  Yes, you can make a great income as an SEO copywriter. And that means charging what you’re worth – not what you think people will pay. If you’re struck in a pricing quandary, read this. You’ll discover five questions you should ask yourself when you’re figuring out your rate structure.

And the number one post of 2012 ::drumroll please::

#1: 25-point Web copy checklist: How to write for Google

Here’s a news flash: “Writing for Google” isn’t hard at all. Yes, there are certain things you should do. But mostly, it’s understanding your customer persona, writing really good, sharable content and giving your readers what they want to read. If you’re new to SEO copywriting – or if you’re working with writers – this checklist is a must-read.


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