Stop chasing shiny things and write great content instead!

Shiny dollarIs your company trying to implement the latest marketing “it” thing…

…yet you hate your site content, it’s not positioning and you haven’t blogged in months?

You need to stop chasing the latest shiny marketing platform and go back to basics. Right now.

I know this is hard to do. Especially when you read blog posts saying, “It’s time to jump on the bandwagon…before your competitors do!”

Uh oh.

Lusting after the latest marketing platform isn’t bad. But you have to shore up the basics first.

– Do your product and services pages read the way you want?

– Does your content’s tone and feel resonate with your readers?

– Do you need to edit your content?

– Are you helping your readers make a change, or are you writing for Google?

Get your site in order first – and then go wild. You’ll be amazed at the difference (and the increased conversions, too!).

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  1. Kevin Carlton says:


    I guess we all fall for the allure of the latest shiny new thing sometimes. But the telling difference for some of us (I hope) is that we do at least quickly wake up and realize it.

    As it happens, I kinda made the same mistake when I was writing my latest blog post. I got so wrapped up with optimising the content for Google and writing different things that you could click to tweet, I hadn’t noticed how bloaty, tedious and meandering the post had become.

    I’ve pretty well fixed it now – but unfortunately not until after I’d already published it and syndicated it!

    • Heather Lloyd-Martin says:

      LOL – @Kevin, we *all* get caught up with shiny things! It’s like how I am in an electronics store. I get excited when I see the latest (whatever) and I want to buy it NOW.

      I’ve learned to (mostly) curb my shiny thing attraction. Sure, I may go wild in Best Buy every once in awhile (or jump on to the latest marketing bandwagon.) But for the most part, it’s under control. :)


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