Interview With SEO Copywriting Certification Grad, Lacey Mizell

Lacey sharpened her writing skills while teaching English and journalism and honed her marketing skills during her career as Sales Manager with a major airline.  During her career with the airline, Lacey experienced “the joy of helping companies make money.”  She is currently a freelance writer specializing in SEO copywriting. Lacey is also certified by the American Medical Writers Association.

What got you interested in SEO copywriting?

“I attended an AWAI web copywriting seminar and heard Heather’s SEO presentation. I knew that I needed more training. Heather is the pioneer in the field, so I enrolled in her program.  Knowing that most people turn on the computer while they are drinking their morning coffee was enough incentive.  I love to help companies make money, and the internet is the market place.”

What SEO copywriting/content marketing projects are you working on now?

I am working on two B2B projects right now.  I am writing the blog and a white paper for one company. In addition, I will be a consultant to the CEO when he writes his ebook.  For the other company, I will be working with a web design firm to completely redesign and rewrite their site.  Of course, they will want the copy written for SEO.

Which skill acquired from the SEO Copywriting Certification program have you found most helpful?

I find that knowing  the strategic locations for key words helps me avoid “keyword stuffing.”  Somehow, that helps me to write more naturally. Also, I enjoy working with the SEO firms to make the copy and the design work together to help visitors find what they are searching for and to encourage them to take action before clicking off the site.

What do you do in your free time?

Travel has always been my passion — that is what attracted me to the airline business — so I travel as much as possible.  I have been around the world a couple of times, but I never tire of seeing new places and new faces! English majors, of course, love to read. I am a history buff, so I read history, for the most part. Fortunately, I live near Houston, which  has a very active World Affairs Council, and I love to hear the eminent speakers and participate in the discussions.  (Of course, I also go to the gym!)

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