Interview With SEO Copywriting Certification Grad, Laura Armbruster

Laura Armbruster is pursuing her dream — to be a writer.  A geek at heart, she soon found her ideal niche in creating web content and search engine optimization.  She  has over 15 years of technical support management experience, along with consulting, project management, and customer service management.  She wants her clients to be cared for, and believes in a personalized experience, rather than “one size fits all.”

Laura founded Valuable Connections in 2007 after transitioning from her virtual assistance business.  She enjoys that search engine optimized web writing, social media, and internet marketing change regularly. “There is always something new to learn.  I love it!”

Laura is a board member for the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), and networks regularly throughout the Dallas area.  She has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, and a Masters in Professional Writing.

What are the most immediate, applicable tools or lessons you’ve employed from the SEO Copywriting Certification Training program?
There is so much great content in the SEO Copywriting Certification Training program that it is hard to pick only a few things. However, I will say that getting the documents to organize your keyword research are invaluable.  I use the tools, techniques, and best practices from this amazing program every day.  It is incredible how much there is to understand and apply to achieve SEO copywriting excellence!
This program has validated my expertise and given me the SEO copywriting badge of honor representing my dedication to the craft – a true value in helping potential clients understand why I would be the best choice for their SEO and web content needs.
Are you currently working on any SEO copywriting (or content marketing) projects?
Always!  I have white label and joint venture partners that help me create new business and ensure that my clients receive a more robust set of services.  Recently I have been working with clients who are wanting to expand their businesses from Mexico to the U.S., which has created a unique set of challenges and taught me about some very interesting companies!
My clients are great folks who really understand and appreciate the value of solid content and good SEO to enhance their Internet marketing efforts. I’m also working on building a dream team of amazing service providers who can really crank up our clients’ online marketing while also sharing in a vision of quality and service.
What are your interests?
I have two great mastermind groups to help me continue growing my business.  I have a couple of e-book projects in the works and am working on ideas for passive income websites.  When I’m chilling, I usually hand with my awesome husband and pets.  I have two border collies who have lots of energy and need frequent play sessions.  I also have two cats who are under the impression that they are in charge and seem to be hungry all the time!  I enjoy spending time with family and friends, particularly at the the pool in the summer to escape the crazy Texas heat!
Any words for those considering taking the SEO Copywriting Certification Training program?
Don’t wait!  When Heather announced this program I took about 3 nanoseconds to decide to enroll. There are many SEO “experts” out there who do not understand how to market to customers, much less how to create solid content and SEO strategies.
This program combines the best information for SEO, online marketing tactics, and web copywriting, propelling you to a higher level than your competition. Not only will you understand SEO, but this program will give you a solid set of marketing skills to use in any business.  Plus, Heather has a fantastic teaching style that is friendly, fun, and makes even the most complicated concepts seem easy.  Don’t take even 3 nanoseconds — sign up today!
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