Are you overtraining your writing brain?

Overtrained copywriting brain

It’s OK to give your writing brain a break

Have you been furiously writing – and finding that the words just aren’t coming?

If the writing muse has been with you, it’s frustrating to feel writer’s block attack your brain. You read what you’ve written and know you could do it 100 times better (and faster.) You just don’t know how.

That’s when the paranoid thoughts start slipping in. “I’m on deadline. I don’t have time for this. How do I tell my boss/client that this is the best I can do?”

Writing is a lot like exercise. It take a long time to gain mastery. And, like exercise,  you can overdo it – basically, you overtrain your writing brain and need a break.

If this sounds like you, take a chill pill. Acknowledge the overwhelm monster. Ask yourself if you’re holding yourself back. Give yourself permission to take a break.

You’ll be back to creating spectacular content in no time. Trust me.

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  1. Cecil says:

    Writing is the same thing as you are talking by tongue. Both originated from the mind. More often we talk erroneously, but when we write, we have ample of time to review,profread or do more things before we decide to make publish it.

    Some people talk too much and there are also talk less but write much. It’s a matter of practice, but hope what ever we convey whether spoken of written, it should always have more thoughts to take by the audience.

    Thanks Heather for this post, i wished i could overtrain my skull in writing… lol!


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