Your prospects don’t care what you think“We’re the market leader.”

“Our products are life-changing.”

Yeah? So what?

Many companies focus their content around fluffy, chest-beating statements. They think the only way they can “sell” their products or services is telling their prospects how cool they are.

But that’s just not true.

After all, who would you rather trust: A company that says they’re all that?

Or, would you trust the opinion of someone who actually worked with the company and enjoyed the experience?

Instead, a much more effective technique is using social proof in your SEO content.  Things like powerful testimonials, case studies and using the bandwagon effect can make a a huge difference in a site’s conversion rate.

For instance, this site does a great job with their testimonials (as well as other SEO stuff.)

Your content challenge: Get more testimonials for your site. Display them prominently.

And watch your conversion rates rise…




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