SEO and content writing tips: Week ending Feb. 11, 2014

Long car jump

Is longer better when it comes to blog posts?

Long-form blog posts, some of us may remember these as “regular articles,” versus short blog posts. Which is better? When do you write longer posts? When do you write shorter posts?

Short blog posts used to be all the rage. Everyone who was anyone was telling you to write short posts. Beware the dreaded TL;DR!! (Who actually says that anyway? Sorry if you do – but you probably don’t.)

Anyway, there are other great tips in here, but a bunch of the content I found this week discussed blog length.


Content writing tips

Julia McCoy writes Longer Is Better for Blog Content: Truth Or Myth? for Social Media Today. (Also overachievers)

Clay Morgan writes The Changing Face of Long-Form Content for Spin Sucks.

Melissa Fach writes 6 Ways to Be Better Than Your Competitor at Content Marketing for CopyPress.

Susan Johnston writes Do Writers Really Have to Learn All That (Yucky) Grammar? for The Urban Muse.

Henneke Duistermaat writes How to Write Zesty Soundbites (and Make Your Blog Posts Memorable) for Enchanting Marketing.

Promote your content

Paula Allen writes How to Stand Out in the Upcoming Content Marketing Glut for Bruce Clay.

swing jump

Sometimes shorter is better – in blog posts and recreation.

Andrea Vahl writes How to Drive More Facebook Traffic to Your Website in 5 Easy Steps for Social Media Examiner.

Ezra Chasser writes Beginner’s Guide to Hashtags, Mentions, and Replies for Social Media Today.

Mila Araujo writes A plan to earn your way into the hearts of Internet influencers for {grow}.

Michael Stelzner writes Engagement: How to Create a Loyal Audience That Loves You for Social Media Examiner. (That’s twice in this list – overachievers!)

Inspiration for writers

David Meerman Scott writes The default position for Web Ink Now.

James Chartrand writes Do you believe in ‘never give up’? for Men with Pens.

In-house writing tips

Nathan Rossiter writes Keep your Guest Blogging Organized with This Spreadsheet for Daily SEO Tip.

Greg Jarboe writes Managing Your Digital Marketing Team: How To Avoid Getting it Wrong for ReelSEO.

Help for freelance writers

Heather Lloyd-Martin writes Freelance writers: How to tame the client from hell for SEO Copywriting.

Writing tips for beginners

Amanda Gallucci writes 75 Content Starters for Any Industry for Moz.

Advanced SEO writing strategies

Shawn Rosko writes Important SEO Factors For 2014 for overit.

Barry Schwartz writes Google Sends Manual Actions For Rich Snippet Spam & Spammy Structured Markup for Search Engine Roundtable.

Jennifer Slegg writes Google Starts Penalizing Sites for Rich Snippet Spam for Search Engine Watch.

Cyrus Shepard posts The Death of Keyword Ranking Reports? 10 Superior SEO Stats – Whiteboard Friday for Moz.

Chelsea Adams writes 11 Technical SEO Elements to Help Your Site Win a SERP Rank Gold Medal for Bruce Clay.

Bill Slawski writes How Google Uses Taxonomic Classifications to Better Understand the Meanings of Words on Pages for SEO by the Sea.

SEO for beginners

Rachel Sprung writes How to Do Keyword Research: A Beginner’s Guide for HubSpot.

Gini Dietrich writes Write for Humans and Robots for Best Search Results for SEO Copywriting.

P.S.: I hope you like the new format! Let me know what you think!

Top photo thanks to Carolyn Williams (Stunt Jump)

Bottom photo thanks to Mike LaCon (Jumping!)

(Note: Neither photo, nor jump, is better than the other.) :)

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  1. Tracy Mallette says:

    Thanks, Benjamin and Michael! I’m so glad you like it! I add all of the blogs that I want to follow into Feedly and check it every morning. I also check LinkedIn and Twitter for other relevant posts. I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions!

  2. Stephanie Riggs says:

    Bloggers are always engaged in writing informative and interesting contents. I noticed some people who are very energetic when they start blogging but after couple of months they give up blogging due to lack of patience and writing material. Your tips are pretty good to write good contents which will definitely lead to big traffic. If you want to get succeed in blogging then it is recommended to update your blogs regularly so that people stay visiting your website :)

  3. Shauna says:

    Love the new format – dividing it into subtopics and lists was a great idea. And thanks for your tips on finding good content – as usual, you’ve given me information I’m not only interested in but can use straight away. Gold stars for you!

  4. Samseo says:

    Great post .Content is the one which plays a major role in SEO.You have put all the beautifull information in one place where all could know about.


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