SEO copywriting hits: 4 top video tips

Greetings! Today we’re featuring a “slice of Heather” video style, with four of her most popular YouTube SEO Copywriting tips.

Three of the four SEO copywriting videos are directed at freelance SEO copywriters, while the last addresses SEO clients, with “How to find a Google-savvy SEO copywriter.”

All hold smart, actionable tips that you can immediately put into practice! Enjoy…!


3 Web writing no-no’s to avoid

Followers of Heather Lloyd’s weekly (Monday) SEO copywriting videos series already know that she’s devoted much discussion on what your should do with your Web writing to achieve rankings and conversions.

In this video post, Heather takes a different angle in discussing three things you definitely DO NOT want to do when writing online content, from not putting your company’s mission statement on your home page to writing over your readers’ heads with “techie” copy that alienates them.


How to stop worrying about Google updates…and learn how to love writing really great SEO copy!

In this SEO copywriting video how-to, Heather discusses a most timely topic since Matt Cutts’ recent, ominous-sounding pronouncement that the next Google Penguin update will be “jarring” to SEO’s and Webmasters – and that is, how to stop worrying about Google updates and start writing really great SEO copy!

Tune in and learn how to set yourself free…


3 things SEO copywriters need to know…right now!

Here, Heather addresses 3 separate questions posed to her from the SEO Copywriting Facebook group.

Heather’s initial question to the group was: What are your burning questions about being a freelance SEO copywriter?

Their three responses resounded with relevance for all freelance SEO copywriters, so she answers each one in detail via this video post, from how to find clients to managing client expectations.





How to find a Google-savvy SEO copywriter

In this SEO copywriting video post, Heather addresses a topic that is very important if you are looking to hire an SEO copywriter, which is: how to find an SEO copywriter who won’t screw up your Google listings.

As you know, Google has made a lot of changes to its algorithm, and those changes have been largely focused on content quality, so the key to hiring an SEO copywriter is finding someone who is keeping up to date with all of what Google is doing.

So yes, you want your new hire to be an excellent writer, and yes, you want them to understand conversion theory and how to get people to take action, and how to write content that is shareable, but you also want to make sure that they know how to stay on Google’s good side!

Thanks so much for tuning in to this video edition of a “Slice of Heather”!

Any comments? Questions? Please leave them below, or if you would prefer to talk to Heather directly, you can reach her via, or via Twitter @heatherlloyd.


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