SEO Copywriting Top 10: Aug. 6-12, 2014

Customer parking for Slayer only!

Your customers are unique. Give them a USP that can’t be copied!

Your clients are unique – and it’s that difference that sets them apart from the competition and makes them shine brighter to their customers. Your clients need a USP that sets them apart and cannot be duplicated. Matt Ambrose tells you how to capture the perfect USP in post #1.

For content goodness, Kelsey Meyer helps you discover why your content isn’t working in post #3, Heather Lloyd-Martin spices up your boring B2B biz in #4, and Ann Smarty helps you write a perfect headline.

Also, is your site over-optimized? Neil Patel helps shares the warning signs in post #6.

Check out these and the other terrific tips in this week’s SEO Copywriting Top 10!

1. Matt Ambrose writes Define Your Client’s ‘Why’ to Give Them a USP Competitors Can’t Copy for The Copywriter’s Crucible.

2. Jonathan Crossfield writes The Future of Social Media Content Strategy is Really Déjà Vu for Content Marketing Institute.

3. Kelsey Meyer writes Why Your Content Isn’t Working for Kapost Content Marketeer.

4. Heather Lloyd-Martin writes 5 Ways to Spice Up Your B2B Content for SEO Copywriting.

5. Bill Slawski writes Entity Mentions are Good: Brand Mentions are not the New Link Building for SEO by the Sea.

6. Neil Patel writes How to Avoid Over-Optimizing Your Website for KISSmetrics.

7. Julia McCoy writes The Future of SEO: Topics Instead of Keywords for Social Media Today.

8. Daniel Faggella writes Prep For Email Segmentation To Reap These 3 Benefits for Marketing Land.

9. Ann Smarty writes How to (Try to) Write a Perfect Headline for Internet Marketing Ninjas Blog.

10. David Towers writes Google confirms HTTPS as a new ranking signal: What are the implications? for Econsultancy.

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Creative Commons licensed photo thanks to Seth Anderson.

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