SEO Writers: What You Do Matters. A Lot.

Do you sometimes feel like you’re just another cog in the SEO wheel, and what you do (or write) isn’t that important?

Recently, I was on a Live with Search Engine Land panel where one of the questions was:

“It’s probably clear why you need capable content writers, but, for publishers/audiences, what are the benefits of prioritizing your relationship with them?”

In short, why should companies spend time (and resources) on their writers? Are writers that big of a piece of the SEO pie?

Yes. In fact, writers like you aren’t just the biggest piece of the SEO pie — you’re the tasty topping, too.


Because YOU are the one who makes the SEO and conversion magic happen.

YOU write the content that grabs the top-10 Google position (and yes, content is most important for SEO.)

YOU create the Title and meta description that get the click-through from the SEO results page.

YOU write the blog content that entices people to read other posts and to sign up for the company newsletter.

YOU write the sales pages that generate thousands in revenue every year.

In many cases, YOU set the content strategy, resulting in new traffic.

It’s YOUR writing that drives sales, engagement and conversions.

And that’s why you matter. You matter a whole lot. 


So, the next time a prospect tries to low-ball you on a quote…

Or, you’re faced with an endless stream of deadlines…

Or, you’re just feeling…tired…and wondering if you’re making a difference…

Remind yourself that without people like you, people would have to write their own web copy and place it online.

(And you KNOW how that would go, amirite?)

What do you think?

Is this exactly what you needed to read? How will you reward yourself this week for being the awesome writer that you are? Leave a comment and let me know!

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  1. Mohamed says:

    It’s tough being a content writer in general, explaining it to the client, to your co-workers, to your parents. But finally, someone is pointing out how truly things are, and for that, I love this article. I also appreciate all those writers who have made an immense contribution in steering SEO and engagement.

  2. Greytics says:

    True, that a writer writes the content that grabs the top-10 Google position (and yes, content is most important for SEO.
    Amazing blog with very useful information.


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