Should Your SEO Content Marketing Take a Holiday?

I read a brilliant article yesterday called “Your customers aren’t taking the next 45 days off,” by Matt Heinz.  His point was that now is the best time to market your B2B company. And I agree with him.

But I understand if your automatic reaction is, “Heck no. Not now. All of my clients are on holiday.”  That’s what I used to think too. I’d work my butt off for 11 months out of the year, figuring that December would be smooth, easy sailing.

And I’d be wrong every single year. Last year, I was sending in proposals the week before Christmas. Heck, I received sales calls on Christmas Eve. People were  buying and making quick decisions.

I expect this December to be just as wacky (in the good way.)

The reality is, people are working during the next 45 days. Vendors are being researched. Contracts are being signed. Checks are being cut. Budgets are still being finalized. You may say that this is your “seasonal slow time,” but consider if that’s just an excuse for not trying. After all, if your customers are working – should your SEO content marketing campaign really take a holiday? Or is there something you can do?

My take: There’s always something you can do. Here are some ideas:

  • If you’ve always thought about starting an email newsletter, why not start one now? If you work fast, you can send your first one out this month. Or, if it makes more sense, you can launch your newsletter in the New Year.
  • Do you have a lot of Web content that needs to be written? Why not take the time to find an experienced SEO copywriter who can take the work off your plate. Your SEO copywriter could be a smart cookie who already works for you. Or, they could be a vendor that you contacted and “clicked” with.
  • Do you know that one of your Web pages would “sell better” if it was rewritten? Why stand in the way of future profits? Rewrite it now and see if you can make more money this month.
  • Are case studies important to your business? Why not write one this December? There’s a good chance that your clients have a little more time to chat this holiday season, and can help you create a compelling case study.
  • When’s the last time that you revisited your customer persona and your benefit statements.  If your marketing message is pre-recession, it could pay to develop a new game plan.

Don’t be a holiday SEO content slacker – especially if being one could hurt (or stall) your marketing efforts. Make a promise to yourself to do at least one thing towards your content marketing strategy this December. Just one. That’s it.

You may be amazed at the results.

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  1. Tim Biden says:

    My last business absolutely died between now and Valentines day so I just kind of assumed that SEO would also. Maybe I should rethink that and see what happens.


  2. Rahman Mehraby says:

    Web never sleeps and as there are people going online all the time, online marketers need to be there for them as well.

    Holiday season requires holiday presents. So, the business goes on thriving and we’re expected to be there.

    Rahman Mehraby
    Site Booster Blog


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