Stop creating ordinary SEO content!

Stand out from the crowdHave you ever heard, “I like how our competitors wrote their web copy. Let’s do something similar.”

Or, “Don’t spend a lot of time on SEO content. It’s just for Google, anyway.”

No, no, no!

Why not offer extraordinary content instead?

Great SEO content means setting the bar – not following the herd

Eric Enge talks about the importance of “standout content.” It’s not enough to put a slightly different spin on the tried and true. It’s figuring out what wows your readers, draws them in and makes them happy.

It’s going beyond ho-hum and jumping into “hell yeah!”

This week, take a hard look at  your SEO content. Does it sound the same as your competitors? Is it personality challenged?  Consider how you can create standout content that will leave your readers wanting more.

You’ll be making your readers (and your conversion rates) very happy if you do

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  1. nextpolin says:

    Great SEO content means setting the bar, this system should be followed by all SEO webmaster when creating content. Thanks for the post on it.


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