Think Penny Wise, Search Foolish When It Comes to Investing in an SEO copywriter

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Today’s post is by Pam Foster, a highly experienced SEO copywriter and one of the first Certified SEO Copywriters in the world. Enjoy!

The other day, a marketer for a sophisticated mid-size national company inquired about hiring a professional SEO copywriter to improve his website’s search engine traffic and sales results.

He admitted that his website is in very tough shape (weak search engine rankings, not much activity on this site), and that he doesn’t know why. This kind of awareness is terrific — it’s the first step toward making big improvements!

So let’s quickly hit the key points about what’s wrong with his site — those missing critical elements that drive results online these days:

  • The web pages don’t include a single keyphrase his ideal prospects may be using to find his company’s services in search engines such as Google and Bing.
  • The page titles and meta descriptions have absolutely no information about why someone would choose his company among the many options in search results
  • The messages on every page are all about “how great and cool our company is;”  not focused on what the customer needs
  • It doesn’t seem to set itself apart from the competition. There are no messages that differentiate this website from others in the same business category
  • It isn’t “conversion-focused,” meaning there are no inviting calls to action; no compelling reasons to sign up for his company’s emails, inquire about services, or buy anything

And that’s just for starters.

So as you can imagine, this marketer would find tremendous value in hiring a skilled SEO copywriter who knows exactly how to bring his website to life with a smart keyphrase strategy, customer-focused messages, and compelling sales copy that offers unique and exciting reasons to choose his company over others. Right?

In other words, copy like this would be “found money”in the bank for his website, yes?

Well, sadly he didn’t see it that way. He balked at the fees for hiring a professional, skilled SEO copywriter — someone who will offer a terrific return on his investment and deliver measurable results. Instead, he decided to search for a cheaper resource; even though his company can and should make the sound investment in what works.

Ah, well. He’ll soon find that this “Penny Wise, Search Foolish,” approach means he’ll end up working with someone who doesn’t know all it takes to write successful SEO copy. Therefore, his frugality will come back to bite him.

We hope to help you avoid this problem with the following logic.

We’re not saying you have to take out a second mortgage to invest in SEO copywriting that works. But if you plan on a budget of at least $500-$800 or more per page, you’ll soon find that it’s a drop in the bucket when you consider the immediate and long-term gains you’ll realize.

For example, let’s say a single new client is worth $1,000 to you (if you’re a consulting service). Or 20 new product sales may equal $1,000 if you’re a retailer; even more if you’re a B2B marketer.

So would a $500 web page investment today, that returns $1,000 in business tomorrow, be worth it? I’m pretty sure I hear you saying, “Heck, ya!” Plus, when you consider the long-term gain of each new customer relationship, the revenue potential is infinite. Trust me on this one.

It’s important to banish short-term thinking when investing in your web content. Instead, consider it a solid foundation that will support your business revenue growth for quite some time. (You wouldn’t build your dream house on quicksand, now would you?)

Thanks for giving this some serious consideration. Here’s to your web success!
Pam Foster

Guest blogger Pam Foster is the owner of ContentClear Marketing. Pam is one of the industry’s first Certified SEO Copywriters.

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2 replies
  1. Amy Teeple says:

    Thanks for a great post Pam! Sometimes people need things broken down so clearly for them to actually see the benefits. Unfortunately, there are even those who still want see the value.

    Well, the best you can do is to wish them well, wait for their “cheap route” to fail, and wonder what they will think when you have increased rates next year. :-)

  2. Laura Crest says:

    Double-dipping on your post, Pam,

    Just had to share that I had to dissolve a relationship with a client yesterday, due to his failure to recognize the value of my service. When I actually broke it down, to an amount per hour, he was only willing to pay 0.24 cents/hour. He kept holding out this nebulous carrot, assuring me that I would receive some balloon payment down the line, if indeed his business launch succeeded, and may even get a full-time position w/him, at a whopping $40,000 salary…

    Sometimes, it’s just better to cut your losses and move on!

    That is no way to further a career in SEO copywriting!


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