2014’s 10 Hottest SEO Copywriting Posts

2014 is almost over.

What a long, strange year it’s been.

Authorship died, new algorithmic tweaks kept rolling out and Matt Cutts decided to take a break from Google. Quality writing is still in and spammy, formulaic writing is still definitely out.

The more things change, the more things stay the same.

While compiling the yearly top post roundups, I’ve enjoyed seeing how the SEO writing conversation has changed. In 2012, the top posts were of the back-to-basics variety. In 2013, people enjoyed the higher-level, more actionable posts. This year, we see more advanced writing posts, along with a sprinkling of client management tips.

Below are the hottest SEO copywriting posts of 2014. Whether you’re a seasoned SEO writer or new to the biz, you’ll find some tasty tidbits you can implement today.

Happy holidays to you and yours. Here’s to a healthy, happy and profitable 2015!


#10: Introduction to Keyphrase Mapping for Content Managers

Have you made your keyphrase list and checked it twice? Great! Now it’s time to map the keyphrases to your pages. If you’ve never done this before (or you could use a little refresher,) check out this guest post by Adrienne Erin.

#9: Freelance Copywriting Proposals: 10 Questions to Ask First & 4 Types to Write

Do copywriting proposals drive you nuts? Are you wondering if your proposal should be a quick, one-page document or a multi-page monstrosity? This guest post by Ilise Benun will teach you the questions you should ask your prospect and how to structure your proposal.

#8: The SEO Content Writers’ Manifesto

You are more than “just a writer.” I wrote this manifesto especially for SEO writers and I’m so glad I did. I’ve heard that many folks have printed out the PDF and hung it near their computers (I’m honored!) If you haven’t read the manifesto before, check it out now.

#7: 20 Copywriting Blind Spots All Writers Should Avoid

We all have copywriting blind spots (yes, even me!). The key is knowing what they are and learning how to manage them. This post outlines the 20 most common blind spots I see every day.

#6: 5 SEO Client Types to Avoid at All Costs

Does one of your clients drive you a little insane? We’ve all been there. Learn about the different types of clients to avoid (like the Taylor Swift and the Mullet Master client) and how to handle them.

#5: Schema Markup for Reviews

Does your site (or your clients’ sites) include reviews? Read this guest post by Carrie Hill right now. You’ll learn how easy it is to implement schema markup–and how doing so has some extremely powerful benefits.

#4: 9 SEO Writers Share Their Top Tips

What goes on in the mind of a successful SEO writer? A lot. I asked 9 well-known writers to list their favorite SEO writing tips. The takeaway: Good SEO writing really is more than just keywords.

#3: A New SEO Approach to Content Strategy

Thinking just about keywords is old-school. Instead, you’ll want to think about entities instead. In this guest post by Gianluca Fiorelli, you’ll learn how to go beyond traditional keyphrase research and discover new content opportunities.

#2: How to Write Brilliant Headlines for SEO, Social & Your Readers

This is one of my all-time favorite posts. You know it’s important to have a good headline. But how do you write a “good headline”-especially when you’re writing them for social, SEO and your readers? This guest post by Danny Goodwin breaks down what makes a headline great.

#1 Content and SEO Tips For 2014

What should you be thinking about in 2015? Although this post by Leslie Poston was written in January 2014, the tips are perfect as an end of the year “what should I be doing” double-check. I especially like the tip about creating a skeleton editorial calendar. The more you can plan this year, the less scrambling you’ll be doing in 2015.

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  1. David Azizi says:


    It is always great seeing quality posts like this. The only problem is that I have to find the time to read all 10. I guess that is a great problem to have.

    My friend Jesse Wojdylo introduced me to some of your blog posts and I am glad that he did. Your knowledge and experience far exceeds any of the other websites and blog on copywriting.

    Thank you for putting this list together and hopefully I can apply some of the techniques to my personal injury lawyer website in 2015.



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