SEO copywriting tips in Haiku

I’m often telling folks to have fun with their content. Whether you’re a B2B or B2C, there are many ways you can get your point across – and establish your expertise – without sounding boring,

Today, I thought I’d take my own advice. Below you’ll find common SEO copywriting tips – written Haiku-style. Enjoy!

SEO copy
Is more than keyphrase stuffing
Write for people first.

Don’t “write for engines”
Google doesn’t buy from you
But your prospects do.

Know your customers
Write copy you know they’ll like
Focus on their needs.

Do keyphrase research
Before you write your copy
Don’t ever skip it.

Focus your content
Use two to three keyphrases
More is not better.

Include benefits
Tell folks what’s in it for them
Show how you can help.

Watch your messaging
Pushy sales copy won’t sell
They will tune you out.

Titles are crucial
Always include keyphrases
Write to get the click.

Measure your results
See what works and what doesn’t
Change up your copy.

Have fun with writing
It’s a great way to connect
Thanks for reading this!

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