15 Minutes to Better Website Content

Got 15 minutes? Boost your site content!

Does “tweak the site content” get pushed down to the bottom of the to-do list, every time?

Good news!  You can accomplish quite a bit in 15-minute chunks.

The light bulb turned on when I read the article, 8 SEO Tips That Take 15 Minutes or Less. So many companies put off their content marketing initiatives because they’re afraid that rewriting pages, creating editorial calendars and reviewing their “voice” takes too much time.

So instead of increasing traffic to their sites, they get bogged down by overwhelm.

No fun.

If this sounds like you, here are 9 things that you can do to jump start your SEO copywriting and social media strategies in just 15 minutes or less (and yes, it’s much easier than you thought!)

Brainstorm blog topic ideas. Afraid of getting into the “what do I write about now” trap? Spend 15 minutes jotting down blog post brainstorms, tweet ideas and your Google+ plans. Don’t spend time fleshing anything out – just let your mind wander and your fingers fly. Not every idea will be a good one, but you’ll be amazed how many good ideas you can generate in just 15 minutes.

Check your copy in the “Customer Focus Calculator.” Does your site copy focus on your customers? Or are you talking about how wonderful your company is, how long you’ve been established and your industry standing? A little chest-beating is OK – but the majority of your content should focus on what’s in it for your reader. If you’re not sure if your copy is customer-friendly or one big turn-off, check out the Customer Focus Calculator.

Wondering the difference between features and benefits? Check out these tips.

Create a “SEO copy wishlist.”  You know a white paper is a cool idea. You know that it would drive traffic and send leads your way.  Problem is, you never write it down – so it’s never scheduled into the editorial calendar. Same with that landing page that bugs you every time you read it. Take 15 minutes to comb through your site and make your wishlist. Once you’re done, another 15 minute task could be…

Grab your editorial calendar and start scheduling.  It’s one thing to have a wishlist. It’s another to turn your wishes into Web writing reality. Decide how many items you can schedule this quarter and make it happen. Consider having one big project a quarter (such as a white paper,) plus a bunch of smaller content gigs (like tweaking some Titles or revising that landing page.) You’ll be amazed at how many projects you can get out of your life using this method – and how much better your site will be for it.

Not sure what an editorial calendar is? Learn more about why they are so important.

Ask for testimonials/reviews. When’s the last time you asked your client (or customer)  for a testimonial? That long ago? Really? Stop reading and ask for a testimonial right now! Reviews and testimonials offer third party proof that you really are all that and a bag of chips. The more social proof, the more opportunity for conversion – so don’t skip this crucial step!

Yes, there is a “good time” to ask for a testimonial. Here it is…

Boost your benefit statements.  Does your site do a good job discussing every product feature…but it does a crappy job explaining why someone would actually want to buy from you? You’re not alone. Many companies have “blind spots” around their company, service and product benefit statements. Pick one sales page and take a hard look. Does it clearly explain how your product/service helps your reader? Or does it sink into corporate-speak? If it falls flat, put it on your “SEO copy wishlist” and schedule a rewrite – stat!

SEO copy tip: You can use testimonials to help you write better benefit statements. Here’s how.

Hone your craft. You know you’re a damn good writer. But what separates the good from the great writers is that the great writer is always learning, reading and practicing. Spend 15 minutes reading a book about copywriting, learning more about consumer psychology, studying social media trends or polishing your headlines. The more you know, the better that you’ll be able to create awesome copy.

Review your expanded site links. If you’ve ignored your meta description tags up to now, it’s time to reconsider. Google’s newer site links format means it’s even more important to write them the right way. Do a search of your company name in Google. If your site link listings aren’t what they could be (or – horrors – the same across the board) consider revamping your descriptions.

Want more information about how to write for Google’s site links? Here you go!

Check out your competition. Sure, you don’t want to copy your competition. But you do want to check their site from time to time and see if they’ve made any major changes. Spend 15 minutes reviewing a competing site and stacking it up against yours. Do they do a better job connecting with their readers? Does their content pop off the page and grab you? Is their blog active and timely… and yours has been gathering cyberdust? Use their success to spur you into action. Sometimes, a little competitive spirit is what it takes to transform your site from “pretty good,” into “damn great.”

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  1. alanc230 says:

    Brainstorming possible topics by just letting your mind fly free is a technique recommended for all writers. Bloggers and many others who wish to hone their writing skills can utilize it.

  2. Sarita says:

    Hi Heather

    with regards to reviews, I think you are absolutely write about that. Especially with Google places. Businesses are trying to get listed there, so they are still above the organic results. Having reviews – genuine reviews – could put you ahead of your competition.

    nice post, thanks for sharing!

  3. Nick Stamoulis says:

    Creating content isn’t easy. Many people feel overwhelmed when it comes to content creation, so they just put it off. Breaking it down into 15 minute intervals here and there is a great way to chip away at it. It’s much better than avoiding it completely.


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