How Your Passion Can Help Land Lucrative Niche Clients

A conversation about niche SEO copywriting with Lynda Goldman

Have you ever thought about what makes you special? What makes you tick? We all have something unique about us that extends way beyond our DNA.

What if that thing — that speciality that is unique to you — could make you more money? Would you take the time to explore it and cultivate the possibilities? Would you become an expert?

When Lynda Goldman found her niche her business increased dramatically: “I immediately got one great client in my niche, and after a few months I got three more great clients that give me ongoing work.”

Before finding her copywriting niche Lynda,“had depended on one or two main clients, and had no system for getting new clients other than going to networking groups in my area.” The results were not fantastic – but she was getting by. This went on for ten years.

Then the bottom fell out.

“My two main clients suffered from their own problems, and my work dwindled to almost nothing.”

Panic ensued. Then she took a big step and invested in herself and her business. She hired a business coach who suggested she find a niche and got additional training in her field by investing in SuccessWorks’ SEO Copywriting Certification training. With her new niche in mind – and her new SEO Copywriting skill set – she devised a plan to attract a new client base.

So, how did she find her niche?

She started thinking about her interests, her life experience – her background, her previous work.  By focusing on her unique experiences, she rebuilt her business, got more clients, and discovered her niche — natural health.

If you’re having a tough time finding clients, consider some inner soul-searching – and discover your niche!

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What do you enjoy writing about?
  • What topics are you passionate about?

Going narrow can actually expand your business opportunities. Pinpoint your area of expertise and build your marketing plan around it. Once you discover your niche, create a marketing plan that focuses on your target audience.

Here are some techniques Lynda uses to reach her niche audience:

  • LinkedIn

Join groups within your niche and create a free report, white paper, or infographic. Ask people to sign up for your newsletter or blog to download the report. Watch your subscriber list grow.

Lynda offers new subscribers a free report called “ A Five Step System For Fresh Customers Daily.” Also, become actively involved in the groups. Don’t use them just to market your business. Be a part of the conversation. Your comments will help build your credibility in the industry.

  • Conferences

Attend trade shows that focus solely on your niche market and go armed with business cards and a quick tag line that explains your services. Collect cards from potential clients and send them a quick email after the conference – reminding them about your services.

  • Speaking Gigs 

Are you comfortable in front of a crowd? Focus on finding speaking opportunities at industry or trade associations within your niche. Speaking engagements help you establish yourself as an expert in your field.

  • Free Stuff 

Lynda has several free perks to help boost her lead generation. Her website offers a free report when you sign up for her newsletter. In addition, Lynda offers a free 30- minute consultation to lure potential clients.

Offering something for free helps build a relationship with potential clients and lets them experience your expertise first hand.

Your Website Should Reflect Your Niche  

Check out Lynda’s site. Visitors can immediately identify her niche and expertise. The site is beautifully designed and all the images correspond to her niche market. Does your website reflect this? If not, what steps can you take to refocus your website efforts?

Here are some things you can do for your website in 15 minutes or less.

Follow Niche Leaders on Social Media  

Start following thought leaders in your niche. Do a quick search on Twitter using hashtags. For instance, if your niche is fine arts then simply type #finearts in the Twitter search box and see what companies are talking about the subject

Explore companies that specialize in your niche and follow their social media sites.

Create A Unique Product Angle/Sales Proposition 

Lynda’s free report is called “A Five Step System to Get Fresh Customers Daily.” Notice the word “fresh” – not new or additional or targeted, but fresh which fits in with her natural health theme.

Her “five step system” is a unique marketing tool, that piques peoples interest and is a stellar call to action — inspiring potential clients to sign up for her newsletter.

Start an Informational Blog in Your Area of Expertise 

Lynda has a blog (attached to her website)  that’s laser-focused on natural health events, tips, and marketing ideas. Her blog helps drive traffic to her site and solidifies her brand as a natural health expert.

Lynda advises, “You have to like what you are writing about.” By pinpointing her skills to a target niche, she now has a direct line of clients who seek her out because she offers specialty services.

Since becoming an expertise in natural health, Lynda has expanded her business services to include web content, social media marketing, and most recently video marketing and speaking engagements. She started implementing these new business tactics last summer and by September she had launched a new website and started marketing to her niche community.

“The biggest change is that I can now go to trade shows in my industry and to LinkedIn, connect with a bunch of people, and sooner or later I get work. I could never do this before because I didn’t know who my audience was.”

So, what makes you special? The answer could well jumpstart your business.

Interviewed by: Heather Georgoudiou, Marketing Director – SuccessWorks

 A graduate of SuccessWorks’ SEO Copywriting Certification training program, Lynda Goldman specializes in social media marketing and copywriting for the natural health industry. She is the author of 31 books, and is one of the few natural health copywriters certified in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Copywriting.

You can follow her on twitter @LyndaInk.

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  1. Daphne Gray-Grant says:

    Good article!

    My #1 tip for getting more clients in your niche is to TALK TO FRIENDS. I have landed ALL of my most lucrative contracts directly because of people I know.

    Don’t be afraid to let your friends know EXACTLY what you’re looking for. (Don’t get in their face about it, but don’t be shy, either.)

    People hire because of personal contacts/recommendations. Be sure to work that angle when you want to get more work!


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