Our 5 Hottest SEO Copywriting Videos

Greetings! Today we’re featuring our five hottest SEO copywriting video how-to’s, according to our YouTube viewers.

From what SEO copywriting is to creating a killer home page to optimizing for Google’s expanded site links, our YouTube subscribers found these five of our 53 videos (to date)  the best of the bunch.

Counting down in order of popularity, from the all-time hottest Web-writing tip to the fifth most popular video, here they are! Enjoy and share…

Hot Video Tip #1: How many words should be on your home page? A closer look  

In this video, Heather shares guidelines for your site’s home page wordcount, then discusses moving beyond counting words to the factors that matter most when writing your home page. Tune in to learn what those factors are!

Hot Video Tip #2: 5 sure-fire ways to create a killer home page  

As the second conversions opportunity following the search engine results page, your home page is the most important page on your site. Here, Heather addresses five proven ways to create a killer home page that serves both the search engines and your readers.

Hot Video Tip #3: What is SEO copywriting and why is it important to my site?

In one of the more fundamental of her 53 YouTube video posts, Heather defines what SEO copywriting is – and what it is not – as well as why it is essential for a website to achieve competitive search rankings.

Hot Video Tip #4: How to write for Google’s Panda Update

About a year ago, when Google rolled out the first of its Panda updates (penalizing the “content farms” and also initially called the “Farmer Update”), many folks saw their search engine rankings take a dive. In this video that still holds true today, Heather discusses how to satisfy the Panda with substantive content.

Hot Video Tip #5: How to write for Google’s expanded sitelinks

With Google’s expansion of its search results to include a “six-pack” of website links came a fantastic opportunity to take advantage of the extra real estate with optimized page titles and metadescriptions. In this video, Heather shows just how to go about doing that for maximum search engine appeal.

photo thanks to p.Gordon