SEO Content Marketing Roundup, Week Ending January 26th, 2011

Strategy is the watchword for this week’s latest and greatest web writing news, in content and social media marketing, SEO and search.  While Google managed to steal the headlines and then some, the rest of the online world worked on crafting a smart marketing strategy for the year.  Take a peek at all the strategies shared here:

Content Marketing:

Okay, here’s the (fabulous!) news regarding content quality, relevancy, and the big G: Content mills are on notice, (and it seems Demand Media et. al. are especially so). An insightful article on this clean-up is at Gigaom.

Content is the new black: check out the inaugural issue of Chief Content Officer magazine by Junta Joe/Content Marketing Institute, devoted to content marketing strategy for executives.

Editorial content strategy is discussed at CMI, as is the subject of content audits.

Yikes! Did someone steal your stuff? This Hubspot post offers six steps to fight content theft.

Re-packaging your content for more exposure and links is a strategy shared by SEO Smarty, while this Copyblogger post looks at how the internet has made education lucrative.

Starting a news service for your industry is the subject of this content strategy how-to by Joe Pulizzi, and Rand Fishkin shares his own process for creating presentations at SEOmoz.

Finally, a great post on holistic digital marketing is at The Future Buzz.

SEO & Search:

First, the Big G’s official word on search engine spam and content farms, via Matt Cutts, is at Google’s official blog.  A related and timely post at Search Engine Roundtable addresses Google’s dubious policies about spam.

A non-techy-friendly post on using web analytics to measure marketing goals is at Bruce Clay, while this SEOmoz post for inhouse SEO’s speaks to integrating SEO into the project process.

Great post at Copyblogger on developing effective landing pages, while Search News Central explores the subject of “digital asset optimization” (DAO) in SEO.

As the boundaries between SEO, search, and social steadily dissolve, this timely ClickZ column discusses the integration of SEO with social media marketing.

Could it be that the internet is running out of space?  Interesting Mashable post on the ISP address crunch, followed by an equally interesting infographic on just how vast the internet is.

Social Media Marketing:

eMarketer predicts that Twitter ad revenues are going to explode this year, while Marketing Sherpa aptly posts an article on finding and wooing “hyper-social” consumers and influencers.

Media Shift, via, posts In Search of Meaningful Social Media Optimization, and Dan and Alison Zarrella share their Facebook marketing tips via an interview at O’Reilly Radar.

Say success three times really fast:  Social media success stories from small business are at Top Rank, while Social Media Examiner lists eight keys to blogging success, as well as the success behind top 10 business blogs.

Conversation Marketing’s Ian Lurie shares lessons in building a Twitter community via Kevin Hillstrom’s new e-book, and Freelance Folder notes new social networking trends for freelancers to explore.

And one more, by Copyblogger’s Internet Marketing for Smart People, discusses the blog as an essential tool of the trade.

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